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Adolescent Parenting Program Coordinator

Robeson, NC (Robeson County)

Posted 01/09/2023

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for Adolescent Parenting Program Coordinator position placed at Robeson County Health Department.



DUTIES:  The Adolescent Parenting Program Coordinator oversees the Adolescent Parenting Program (APP), which is a secondary prevention program that provides four year annually renewable grant awards to projects to provide services for pregnant or parenting teens throughout North Carolina.  The APP Coordinator will use evidence-based or evidence-informed program strategies for secondary pregnancy prevention, drop-out prevention and child maltreatment prevention.   This is a 40 hour per week grant funded position that will be contracted through the North Carolina Alliance for Public Health.


MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s degree in youth development, social work, psychology, health education, education or related field preferred; minimum two year experience in teen program delivery; equivalent work experience will be considered. 


SALARY:  $32,715.12



APPLICATION PROCESS:  Qualified candidates apply at:  https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=8051017b-5cd0-4bd7-9972-7dc8ffcf752e&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055

[Please indicate this position on application.]



APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Open until filled