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Alliance Staffing Job

CEASE Coordinator

Fayetteville, NC (Cumberland County)

Posted 11/02/2018



1.      Position Title                        

ICO4MCH- CEASE Coordinator


2.            Name of Employee


               NC Alliance for Public Health Agencies


3.            Name of Supervisor

Tommy Jarrell, PhD, Health Director

Nina Beech, ICO4MCH Program Manager


4.            Agency Department

               Richmond County Health Department


               5.            Agency

Richmond County Health Department


               6.            Location of Workplace, Bldg.  

Opportunities for home-based work periodically and office space -

Cumberland County Health Department

1235 Ramsey St.

Fayetteville, NC 28301

 Position is based in Cumberland County but will have access to space in each health department in the multi-county regional partnership (Richmond, Montgomery, Hoke).  Additionally, will have opportunities for home-based work.



I.   A.  Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit:

The primary purpose of the unit is to provide leadership in developing communities or subsets of communities within Improving Community Outcomes for Maternal and Child Health (ICO4MCH) - Sandhills Collaborative (Richmond, Cumberland, Hoke, Montgomery Counties) to initiate and maintain interventions to improve health status.

The tasks necessary to develop a community to address its health needs include environmental and policy assessments, resource identification and development, advocacy, appropriate development/selection of interventions, and evaluation. Additional tasks include effective promotion, marketing, and public relations to maximize service delivery goals and objectives.

Services range from the development of community members/resources within communities, to facilitating environmental system changes, to advocating for policy development, to implementing policy change across a 4-county region and partnership.

ICO4MCH Initiative Aims:

·       Improve birth outcomes, reduce infant mortality, and improve the health status of children ages 0-5.

This position will develop, implement, manage, and evaluate complex services in the 4-county regional partnership.

This position will collaborate closely with the ICO4MCH staff, local health department staff, partnering hospital staff, community partners, and other organizations as needed to achieve public health outcomes.

    B.  Primary Purpose of this Position:

The primary purpose of this position is to coordinate all Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) activities and technical assistance across a four- county area (Cumberland, Hoke, Montgomery, and Richmond). This position has the responsibility of implementing effective evidence-based strategies leading to an improved health status of children 0-5.  The employee has the responsibility of facilitating community change, including surveillance, partnership development, coalition building/community organizing and partner communications, and providing programmatic reports to the Health Director and the NC Department of Health and Human Services- Women’s Health Branch.  Initiative and resourcefulness are needed in order to involve local government staff, community leaders, public officials, and community organizations in addressing health

   C.  Work Schedule:

The hours for this position are generally 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, however these hours are subject to change based on the needs of the community and/or agency.  Other hours required to work may include early morning, evening, and/or weekend times as community events arise.


      D.  Change in Responsibilities or Organizational Relationship:

ü  Not applicable

 II.  A. Description of Responsibilities and Duties:

 Complete training in the Clinical Effort Against Second-Hand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) intervention.

  • Facilitate whole office trainings in each county (Cumberland, Hoke, Montgomery, and Richmond) and offer technical assistance and continuing education as needed.
  • Coordinate the implementation and delivery of CEASE in the multi-county area.

·       Maintain continuous communication with Massachusetts General Hospital CEASE project staff for successful program delivery.

  • Keep multi-county (Cumberland, Hoke, Montgomery, and Richmond) residents informed of educational services/programs as it pertains to CEASE through marketing materials, news releases and/or public service announcements.

 ·       Collect and analyze community data for CEASE planning programming, and quarterly report submissions.

·       Create partnerships among organizations, communities and residents for the expansion of the CEASE intervention external to each local health department.

·       Participate in community outreach campaigns and health fairs to support and promote CEASE.

·       Evaluate program objectives and make appropriate changes in strategies to accomplish program goals and objectives.