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Alliance Staffing Job

Community Health Worker

Durham, NC (Durham County)

Posted 09/18/2023

Position: Community Health Worker
The Durham County Department of Public Health Community Health Worker contractor will support the Improving Community Outcomes for Maternal and Child Health (ICO4MCH) initiative.

The Community Health Worker will assist the ICO4MCH Public Health Education Specialist and a network of dedicated community stakeholders by continuing efforts and leveraging partnerships that Durham County has successfully implemented to reduce health inequities in access to services by providing information, services, resources, and supplies to women and men of reproductive age.

Primary duties may include, but are not limited to:
  • Plan and implement monthly community outreach events, including educational workshops to promote culturally and linguistically appropriate education to increase the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding and preconception/interconception health.
  • Plan and implement the Mothers and Babies Program to promote healthy mood management while teaching pregnant individuals and new moms how to effectively respond to stress.•Plan and implement evaluate a Preconception Health Peer Educator program (PPE) at a local college or university.
  • Provide support to women and families by forming and publicizing support groups.
  • Assist with identifying gaps in breastfeeding support groups, i.e., data.
  • Work to enhance and strengthen referral relationships with WIC and other maternal and childhealth serving programs and organizations.
  • Attend community events, including health fairs, to disseminate information and resources onbreastfeeding and reproductive life planning.
  • Maintain DCoDPH’s Mamava lactation pod. Ensure the lactation pod is stocked withsupplies. Regular disinfect and sanitize pod. Coordinate training and tours of the Mamavalactation pod to clients of the Health and Human Services facility.
  • Participate in the breastfeeding policy development group and provide input on developing abreastfeeding policy for patients and the public at DCoDPH.
  • Utilize social media to increase awareness of breastfeeding and preconception/interconception health.•Identify and development strategies to reduce infant mortality.•Participate and attend quarterly Community Advisory Team meetings.•Attend continuing education and training opportunities as opportunities become available.
Work Schedule
37.5 hours/week, beginning September 25, 2023. This is a contract position with no County benefits provided. Guaranteed funding through at least May 31st, 2024. The hourly pay rate for this role is $28/hour.