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Data Manager

Raleigh, NC (NC Statewide County)

Posted 11/14/2022

Data Manager for Local Public Health

A Statewide Data Collection and Analysis Role

Working with the NC Association of Local Health Directors



The primary purpose and mission of the NC Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD) is “to promote health, prevent disease, protect the environment in order to ensure the public’s health in North Carolina through leadership, vision, advocacy, and commitment to the principles of public health practice in our local communities and throughout the state.”  More about the Association can be found online:



This position will serve as the lead Data Manager for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Public Health Workforce Initiative for public health workforce development with a special focus on COVID-19 prevention and response in the context of building foundational capabilities in public health, including assessment/surveillance, emergency preparedness/response, policy development and support, community partnership development, communications, organizational administrative competencies, and accountability/performance management.

This position will be hired through the North Carolina Alliance for Public Health Agencies. This is currently a time-limited position through May 31, 2023, although funding is anticipated through 2024 and perhaps beyond.


The Data Manager can work virtually and attend in-person meetings as needed to support the NCALHD and serve local health departments (LHDs) across North Carolina. The position will report to the NCALHD Executive Director and Data Workgroup leaders, Wes Gray and Lillian Koontz, while collaborating with LHD directors and staff as well as Division of Public Health partners as needed. While this position will report to key members of the NCALHD Data workgroup, the direct supervisor will be Marina Pieretti, Region 3’s Director of Public Health Workforce Development.


The Data Manager will work no more than 30 hours per week.


The primary purpose of this position is to support the NCALHD Data Workgroup by improving data capacity within the following programs.

1)     Performance Measure Identification, Collection, & Management

a.      Provide technical assistance in the identification of statewide LHD performance measures

b.      Support LHDs in accessing and acquiring existing performance data/shared measures

c.      Support LHDs in filling shared performance measure data gaps through surveys or other methods based on the specific measures of interest

d.      Maintain and manage statewide performance dataset

e.      Partner with the State, industry, and University partners to acquire the data needed to advance local public health priorities

f.       Offer support to LHDs individually as needed to ensure accurate reporting of core shared performance measures


2)     Data Display & Communication

a.      Create data reports, graphs, and infographics to advance policy priorities within NCALHD

b.      Compile and report priority LHD data in various formats including dashboards/scorecards

c.      Maintain and update data to ensure timeliness


3)     Data Infrastructure Advisor

a.      Based on experience, the Data Manager will serve as an advisor to NCALHD around data infrastructure and capacity needs, while shaping the future iteration of this role within the Association.  


Occasional travel to monthly NCALHD workgroup meetings – usually held in Raleigh, NC – is required. Travel will be reimbursed. A laptop computer and access to the Clear Impact Scorecard also are provided.



The preferred candidate will have:

·        Knowledge of and experience in local public health

·        Experience in the collection, aggregation, and reporting of population indicators and/or agency/program evaluation/performance measures

·        Experience with data display and visualization – in reports and online platforms

·        Knowledge of the basic principles of Results-Based AccountabilityTM

·        Ability to plan and implement data collection efforts

·        Ability to effectively communicate across sectors, and collaborate to achieve shared goals and objectives

·        Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with leaders across sectors


REQUIRED MINIMUM TRAINING and EXPERIENCE:  Bachelor’s degree is required.


PREFERRED REQUIREMENTS: The preferred candidate will have a master’s degree in public health, health administration, health sciences, data science, biostatistics, or another relevant field of study. In addition, three to five years of relevant experience.



This is a salaried position starting at $40 hourly. Benefits will be available if at least 30-hours per week is recorded. Travel will be reimbursed at the current Federal mileage rate.


Qualified Candidates apply at: