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Public Health Department Job

Director of Public Health

Durham, NC (Durham County)

Posted 04/11/2019


Date: Apr 1, 2019

Location: Durham, NC, US, 27701


Company: Durham County

Durham County Government employs approximately 1,900 employees that work towards providing needed services throughout the community. With a wide array of services, Durham County Government is at the heart of a rapidly growing and diverse area offering residents, employees and visitors exciting opportunities to live, work, grow and play. For more information about Durham County Government, visit www.dconc.gov.


Public Health Services 

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April 01, 2019

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Until Filled





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Durham County Department of Public Health provides individual and population health services that are mandated, deemed essential and /or identified as needed in the Durham community in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines/rules/laws. The purpose of this position is to establish and direct the execution of health programs to assure that the public’s health is protected and that community health needs and problems are identified and met through concerted efforts.


Administrative Oversight:

  • Manages and directs the work of the Health Department; Organizes and assigns work across divisional lines.
  • Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals such as Board of Health, Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, senior management and supervisors in department, State and Federal health officials, and the general public.
  • Resolves facility management issues with staff.
  • Defines and assesses organizational issues correctly.
  • Establishes effective internal/work group relationships and external contacts.
  • Models effective work habits.
  • Secures and uses new skills/knowledge to meet changing needs.
  • Ensures compliance by staff to policies, procedures, and regulations (EEO, OSHA, budget, etc.)
  • Supervises the work that comprises the senior management team in the department whose work involves such duties as instructing, assigning and reviewing work, maintaining standards, acting on employee problems, selecting new employees, appraising employee performance, recommending promotions, discipline, termination and salary increases.
  • Performs human resource management including hiring and firing authority for all staff, mentoring and coaching managers and supervisors, and developing recruitment and retention strategies.

Health Advocacy:

  • Establishes strategic direction for department with associated goals and objectives for each major division and through policy development.
  • Directs and engages in strategic community planning related to health matters by ensuring coordination of community assessment data gathering across organizational lines; interprets assessment data to organizations and policy makers.
  • Collaborates with community agencies and organizations to coordinate service delivery and advocacy.
  • Serves as Board member on multitude of community or professional Boards as mandated by those organization’s charters or as invited; delegates responsibility for service on Boards to appropriate level staff person when allowed.
  • Monitor legislation at all levels that affect health issues.  Communicate emerging political issues to key stakeholders, county agencies, and department staff.
  • Advocates for policy and legislation with Durham County legislative delegation, municipal governments and elected officials, Board of County Commissioners, Board of Health, and Federal legislative delegation; provides expert testimony to State and local policy makers and elected bodies.  Collaborate with political entities to achieve benefits for health department.
  • Develops new Board of Health rules or draft ordinances for Board of County Commissioners and/or municipalities relating to health matters.

Health Issues Communication:

  • Facilitates communications between the Board of Health and the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Communicates with the public and other constituencies.
  • Designs, implements, and evaluates a plan for public relations.
  • Authorizes content and format of communications; delivers communications when appropriate on targeted issues of importance to community in variety of formats such as reports, conferences, press releases, news interviews, radio interviews, and presentations.
  • Develops and delivers accurate briefings and materials for public and health care providers on the nature of the emergency and the desired/appropriate response.
  • Responds appropriately to 100% crisis and sensitive issues with timely notification of key players.
  • Responds to public concerns regarding service delivery of department or health care needs.
  • Prepares and/or processes various records and reports such as strategic plan for department, policy statements for Board of Health and Board of County Commissioners, reports analyzing data and financial trends, rules and regulations for Board of Health adoption, and health messages to health providers and public

Program Development:

  • Monitors and evaluates work of divisions through quality improvement and accreditation.
  • Develops long and short range program objectives that are significant and measurable.
  • Periodically explores alternative structures for effective operation.
  • Promotes a safe climate of creativity, initiative, and risk taking for new programs and their delivery.
  • Facilitates and assures Leadership Team participation in community collaborative efforts, partnerships, etc.
  • Facilitates processes to enable acquisition of external funds
  • Coordinates services with other direct service departments such as Animal Services, Social Services, Recreation and Parks, Cooperative Extension, Emergency Services, and Planning and Inspections.
  • Receives and/or reviews various records and reports such as new State and Federal legislation, health and environmental research and technical data, community and environmental health trend data, economic and health financial reports, and crucial health alerts from State and CDC.
  • Refers to laws and regulations, guidance from experts, guidance from research experts, State Center for Health Statistics reports, program reports from North Carolina DHHS, policy and procedure manuals, codes / laws / regulations, publications and reference texts, etc.
  • Develops annual departmental budget and Ten-year Capital budget; approves expenditures over $2500; approves financial and other reports to Board of Health and County departments; approves State, Federal, and foundation grant reports; maintains contract and grant signature authority; approves fiscal controls; develops fees structures; recommends fees to Board of Health and Board of County Commissioners.

Communicable Disease Prevention:

  • Monitors prevention efforts through informatics, communication, and enforcement.
  • Enforces communicable disease laws including isolation and quarantine for sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, pertussis, smallpox, and others; prepares legal documents and court testimony; enforces laws in the event of a widespread public health emergency such as a pandemic or bio-terrorist event. 
  • Utilizes all available legal measures to abate public health nuisances or imminent hazards.
  • Collaborates with the State and other health departments on communicable disease issues.
  • Authorizes and oversees the development of policy and application of rabies control laws in the Animal Services Department.
  • Enforces environmental health regulations and local environmental health rules including the authority to embargo foods that are/may be adulterated; coordinates with North Carolina Department of Agriculture; prepares legal documents and court testimony with public health nuisance and imminent hazard enforcement.

Board of Health:

  • Assists executive structure of Board in developing agendas, planning courses of action, selecting Board priorities, drafting policies, developing advocacy plans at local, State, and Federal levels, etc.; assists the Board in recruitment, orientation, and ongoing training of Board members; plans and carries out educational activities for the Board.
  • Writes draft reports, policies, procedures, and rules for Board consideration.
  • Assures that materials provided to Board are accurate, relevant, produced, and distributed in a timely manner; acts as Secretary to the Board as required by North Carolina General Statute.
  • Manages the work of the Board of Health.

Liaison Health and Well-being for All:

  • Serves as point of contact for information and reporting progress associated with all aspects of assigned goal
  • Ensures progress is being made and milestones met
  • Manages standing teams
  • Serves as a liaison to ad hoc teams working on initiatives or projects associated with assigned goal

Contractual Responsibilities:

  • Operationalizes appropriate guidelines from regulatory agencies.
  • Promotes procurement of new relationships to benefit health of Durham County.
  • Promotes viability and substantiation of non-mandated programs.
  • Maintains existing relationships and partnerships that benefit the community and the department.


  • General knowledge of management principles, techniques, and practices.
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of public health.
  • Working knowledge of applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment inanalyzing situations and making decisions; direct employees and programs in the various areas of responsibility; and, develop and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, and with federal, state, and local officials.


Requires a master’s degree in public health administration and at least one year of employment experience in health programs or health services; or a master’s degree in a public health discipline other than public health administration and at least three years of employment experience in health programs or health services; or a master’s degree in public administration and at least two years of experience in health programs or health services; or a master’s degree in a field related to public health and at least three years of experience in health programs or health services; or a bachelor’s degree in public health administration or public administration and at least three years of experience in health programs or health services.


Note:  Minimum training and experience requirements are in accordance with GS 130A-40.  For master’s degree related to public health, the determination must be made by the State Health Director.

Durham County Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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