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Environmental Health Specialist

Alexander, NC (Alexander County)

Posted 04/06/2023



Environmental Health Specialist


Position:​​Environmental Health Specialist
Position Status:​Full-Time
Salary Range:​$44,555.93 – $62,956.36
Opening Date:​March 23, 2023

Position Description:
An employee in this class will evaluate and analyze potential sites for septic systems and wells for new construction and existing home sites; inspect newly installed septic systems and wells for compliance; investigate complaints relating to a variety of environmental issues and remediate if needed; communicate with the public the findings of applicable site evaluations and complaint investigations. The employee is subject to inside and outside environmental conditions, extremely hot and cold temperatures, loud noise, and dust. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Environmental Health Supervisor.

• Evaluates, designs, reviews, and permits simple and complex onsite wastewater septic systems, including but not limited to coordinating with soil scientists and engineers contracted by applicant, consulting with applicant, and acting as a liaison between the state and the applicant.
• Inspects and monitors level IIIB Management Entity Program sites.
• Conducts on-site inspections for the determination of acceptable conditions for the issuance of improvement permits and installation of septic tank sewage disposal systems for a variety of structures.
• Evaluates topography and landscape position, soil characteristics, soil drainage, soil depth, restrictive horizons, and available space in determining suitability.
• Issues permits when requirements are met.
• Evaluates and designs permit layouts to repair existing systems.
• Evaluates individual lots, areas for development as potential subdivision, mobile home parks, business, or industrial site.
• Evaluates, and permits as appropriate, proposed well sites, inspects well heads, and inspects the construction of wells in accordance with laws and regulations.
• Performs in-office administrative duties including making and receiving business calls, completes required reports, writes necessary letters, review correspondence, laws and ordinances.
• Conducts conferences or discussions with clients and supervisors.
• Conducts inspections for new and existing systems.
• Periodically inspects lodging, food-handling establishments, tattoo artist/parlors, other operations that may fall under the purview of the FLI program as assigned.
• Investigates public health law violations and initiates corrective action.
• Refers non-jurisdictional complaints to the appropriate authorities including local, state, and federal agencies.
• Aids in implementation of related state and local guidelines.
• Collects various water samples of new and existing wells for testing; and provides health risk evaluations of the test results from the state lab.
• Conducts environmental surveys for WPCOG to support need for the extension of public water supplies and/or municipal sewer into new areas.
• Attends training seminars as required by the NC State Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners, to obtain and maintain continuing education credits.

• A bachelor’s degree from an accredited program with 30 semester hours of coursework in the physical or biological sciences and two years of experience in environmental health; or
• A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in environmental health from a program which is accredited by the National Accreditation Counsel for Environmental Health Curricula of the National Environmental Health Association and one year of experience in environmental health. All mandatory or required training for county and/or Health Department.
• A valid NC driver’s license.

Applications may be filed online at www.alexandercountync.gov or by mail to Alexander County Human Resources, 621 Liledoun Road, Taylorsville, NC 28681. Or QUALIFIED CANDIDATES APPLY AT:  www.ncapha.org/employment_center

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