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Nurse Consultant/Abstractor

Raleigh, NC (Dept of Health & Human Services, Wake County)

Posted 02/13/2019

NCAPHA is actively seeking candidates for a contract part-time 2 year position (up to 25 hours per week)


Position Description – Nurse Consultant/Abstractor

In 2015, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Women’s and Children’s Protection Act.  Section 6. (a) amended Article 1B of Chapter 130A of the General Statutes by adding the establishment of a Maternal Mortality Review Committee (130 A-33.52) for the purposes of conducting multidisciplinary pregnancy-associated death reviews and developing recommendations for the prevention of future pregnancy-related deaths.

The abstractor will review and abstract information from death certificates, medical and hospitalization records, autopsies and social service records.  Records are retrieved by contacting hospitals or other health facilities and arranging access or receipt of medical records for cases.  The abstractor will be responsible for reviewing records, collecting applicable information to complete appropriate abstraction forms or to enter data in the CDC database - MMRIA, writing a case narrative, and providing additional information as requested by MMR sub-committee. 

The ideal candidate will

·       Have minimum of 2 years of nursing experience in obstetrics, antenatal, and postpartum care, preferably with inpatient and outpatient experience.   

·       Have demonstrated understanding of normal/abnormal processes of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum and the wide spectrum of factors that can influence maternal outcomes;

·       Have demonstrated understanding of social determinants contributing to maternal mortality, substance use, or mental health.

·       Have a demonstrated understanding of public health system of care;

·       Have experience in medical record review;

·       Demonstrate strong professional communication skills (verbally and written);

·       Computer skills, including data entry experience;

·       Be able to participate fully in maternal mortality review sub-committee meetings and full committee meetings; and

·       Be able to travel to at least one in-person meeting at the CDC.

Estimated number of hours per week:
Up to 25 hours per week

Pay rate: $35

Qualified candidates only please apply at:  http://www.ncapha.org/employment_center