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Nutritionist II

Clyde, NC (Haywood County)

Posted 10/26/2022

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for a Nutritionist II placed at Haywood County Health Department.

I.  A.  Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit:

The purpose of the Nutrition Services Section is to administer the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program and to provide medical nutrition therapy, in accordance with the American Dietetics Association (ADA) Standards of Professional Practice.  The WIC program must be administered in compliance with the financial eligibility and medical/nutritional criteria as defined by the state policy.  A registered dietitian will provide enhanced medical nutrition therapy, and the program will be administered in compliance with state and local procedures.

    B.  Primary Purpose of Position:

The purpose of the Nutritionist II position is to provide nutrition services and determine eligibility for persons participating in the WIC Program and Enhanced Medical Nutrition Therapy Program.  Accurate and appropriate services will be provided in accordance with state and local policies and with ADA Standards of Professional Practice.  Compliance with departmental guidelines, administrative support, clerical guidance, and supervisory relief will be required.

     C.  Work Schedule:

8:00 am - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Other hours may be set or required per county policy.

     D.  Change in Responsibilities or Organizational Relationship:

II.  A.  DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES:  Method Used (check one)  Order of importance__X__

                                                                                                                                                                 Sequential order      ____

              Place an asterisk (*) next to each essential function.  (See instructions for complete explanation.)  Please note percentage of time for each function.


1.  Clinical/Nutrition Education/Referral:

*a  Provide comprehensive nutrition counseling (initial and follow-up) for clients within the health department and clients referred for nutritional services which include clients receiving Prenatal, Child Health, and WIC services.  Nutrition counseling is based on anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary and ecosocial data.

*b. Determine nutrition eligibility of program applicants to the WIC program using anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary and ecosocial data.

*c. Document nutrition-related services provided to clients in individual medical records.  Documentation must be current and accurate and in chronological order.

*d. Formulate and execute food prescriptions for WIC clients according to program guidelines and individual needs.  Make necessary changes in food prescriptions and chart nutritional needs.

*e  Formulate, implement and evaluate nutrition-related group classes, appropriate for WIC clientele: children, prenatal and postpartum clients, and parents of infants and children.

  f.  Schedule WIC appointments to coincide with other health department services.  Refer clients to appropriate clinics for patients needing additional health department services.

  g. Recommend and expedite referrals of clients and families to appropriate agencies or organizations for cohesive delivery of necessary services (such as Food Stamps (SNAP), Work First, Medicaid, Haywood Christian Ministries, local food pantries, and Smoky Mountain Mental Health).

*h. Provide individual counseling to prenatal and breastfeeding mothers, and refer as needed to lactation specialist and/or peer counselors.

  i.  Provide guidance and training to peer counselors.

*j.  Must be capable of providing Medical Nutrition Therapy, including individualized and group nutrition education and appropriate follow-up per referral by medical provider in or outside of Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency (HCHHSA) as needed.  Manage required documentation system for patient referral, reporting, and billing.

*k.  Must be willing to serve as Breast Feeding Coordinator for HCHHSA breastfeeding peer counselor program per protocol in NC WIC program manual, as necessary to be in compliance, or as appointed to do so.

  l.  Accept general vendor calls and answer questions.  Route problem/complaint calls to supervisor.  Document and report calls from vendors. 

m.  Must be capable of complete comprehensive menu review and approval for Meals on Wheels program.


  1. Administrative:
  2. Assist with annual vendor education/training and be available to perform required vendor revalidation and other vendor-related duties on a relief basis as needed.
  3. Assist in management and support of breastfeeding peer counselor and breast pump loan activities.
  4. Assist and support with development of goals of nutrition services and the pursuit of grants for potential expansion.
  5. Cooperate and support basic organization for nutrition services section and management of WIC program.
  6. Participate in promotion of enhanced medical nutrition therapy program.
  7. Perform supervisory duties on relief basis as needed.
  8. Participate in the training of nutrition students and provide input for their performance evaluations.


3.  Community Activities:

a.  Promote community knowledge of WIC to increase WIC awareness and participation by eligible residents.

b.  Design and implement community projects for local agencies, schools, industries, and other organizations or groups especially to promote WIC and health benefits related to good nutrition.

c.  Provide inservice training for professional disciplines as necessary.


4.  Other Health Department Duties:

a.  Conduct orientation and training of students (both nutrition and nursing) and new employees pertaining to nutrition services at HCHHSA.

b.  Participate and/or attend nutrition-related seminars, workshops, and updates to expand nutrition, WIC, public health, and counseling knowledge and skills.

c.  Categorize and file appropriately WIC memos and continuing education literature/publications.

d.  Create bulletin boards, flyers, posters, pamphlets and press releases as needed to improve nutrition services.

e.  Execute other activities as assigned by WIC/Nutrition Director.


        1.  Accuracy Required in Work:

Errors made in anthropometric measure (height and weight) affects the quality and accuracy of services rendered to clients.  This can affect WIC eligibility and appropriateness of nutrition counseling.  Accuracy is required in the assessment of the client’s nutritional/medical status.  Appropriate counseling is based on accuracy of the assessment.  Food prescriptions must be tailored to meet nutritional needs determined by accurate assessment.


        2.  Consequence of Error:

WIC eligibility should only be determined using accurate information.  With inaccurate anthropometric measures, eligibility may be inappropriately determined.  This can result in enrolling an ineligible client or not enrolling an eligible person.  Inaccurate dietary assessment can result in inappropriate and potentially harmful nutrition advice.


        3.  Instructions Provided to Employee:

WIC:  NC WIC Program Manual provides detailed information/guidelines for administration of WIC program.  Regularly scheduled webinars and conferences sponsored by the NC Nutrition Services Branch provide specific guidance and updates for WIC/Nutrition services.


        4.  Guides, Regulations, Policies and References Used by Employee:

NC WIC Program Manual, American Dietetic Association, American Diabetes Association


        5.  Supervision Received by Employee:

Supervised directly by Nutritionist III (WIC/Nutrition Director).  Quarterly audits of medical documentation made by HCHHSA nutrition team.  Recommendations made per audit findings.


        6.  Variety and Purpose of Personal Contacts:

Daily contact with WIC clients, general public and coworkers.  Frequent contact with other health professionals, referral agencies, and vendor managers.  Examples of sensitive/difficult issues include:  unplanned pregnancies, inadequate living conditions, poor family support, clients upset with waiting times, clients who are very demanding, and indigent WIC participants.


        7.  Physical Effort:

Weighing and measuring women and also children who are sometimes very uncooperative and struggle against measuring.  Handling breast pumps for cleaning, storing, and issuing.  Walking length of HCHHSA several times per day to take medical charts to and from laboratory.


        8.  Work Environment and Conditions:

Work is performed at the HCHHSA. This facility is adequate with good lighting and ventilation.  The surroundings are pleasant with no hazardous conditions.  Additional consultation work may be performed at public schools, industries, and other community agencies.


        9.  Machines, Tools, Instruments, Equipment and Materials Used:

Computer                                                        Prenatal weight gain grids              Growth Grid Plotter

Calculator                                                       TV/DVD player

Typewriter                                                      Reference manuals/journals

Medical record                                               Food models

Scales                                                              Nutrition Assessment and Care Plan forms

Measuring boards                                                         Children’s Growth grids

Telephone                                                       Gestational birthdate calculator

E-mail communication                                   Internet nutrition and medical publications


       10.  Visual Attention, Mental Concentration and Manipulative Skills:

All work requires visual attention, mental concentration and manipulative skills.


       11.  Safety for Others:

Assurance of the confidentiality of records (medical and WIC).


       12.  Dynamics of Work:

Improvements and refinements are constantly being made to the WIC program.  With any changes from the state, our WIC program adapts, making necessary changes.  These changes include technology and policy.  Procedural changes are made as needed to accommodate WIC clients, other health department clinics and to improve our WIC clinic and nutrition services.

Participate in Quality Improvement, which may include lead/assist with/be a member of a team, collect and analyze data, implement and evaluate improvement processes, communicate findings, and foster a culture of continuous quality improvement.


       A.  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Considerable knowledge of principles of normal and therapeutic nutrition.  Knowledge and skill in nutrition and dietary assessment techniques.  Counseling skills as well as general communication skills.  Supervisory skills are required.  Skill in organization and management of time and resources.


        B.  1.  Required Minimum Training:

Registered Dietitian with the Commission on Dietetics Registration; or Master’s degree in Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition, or Nutrition; or graduation from a Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education- approved Didactic Program in Dietetics and two years nutrition experience; or Dietetic Technician, Registered with the Commission on Dietetics Registration with a Bachelor’s degree in any subject area from an accredited four-year college or university and two years nutrition experience; or a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition or Community Nutrition from an accredited four-year college or university and two years nutrition experience.


             2.  Additional Training/Experience:

One year of nutrition education is needed to supplement formal education.


              3.  Equivalent Training and Experience:



       C.  License or Certification Required by Statute or Regulation:

Enhanced Medical Nutrition Therapy Program requires a Registered Dietitian to perform the duties and execute the program.


IV.  CERTIFICATION:  Signatures indicate agreement with all Information provided, including designation of essential functions.

Supervisor’s Certification:  I certify that (a) I am the Immediate Supervisor of this position, that (b) I have provided a complete and accurate description of responsibilities and duties and (c) I have verified (and reconciled as needed) its accuracy and completeness with the employee.

Qualified candidates apply at:  https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=8051017b-5cd0-4bd7-9972-7dc8ffcf752e&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055

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