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Alliance Staffing Job

Peer Support Specialist

Beaufort, NC (Beaufort County)

Posted 06/05/2023

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for Peer Support Specialist placed with the Beaufort County Public Health Department. 

Peer Support Specialist Job Description:

This position will share their life experiences in the work with clients. This position will understand and respect each client’s point of view, experiences and preferences, and work with other clinical staff to maximize client choice, self-determination and decision making in the planning and delivery of treatment.

Peer Support Specialists have a unique ability to relate to and motivate clients through the shared experience, providing outreach engagement, linkage, and ensuring they receive necessary services.


Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Meet with clients regularly to offer one-on-one support
  2. Help participants understand and employ recovery strategies
  3. Develop recovery plans, coping methods, and maintain and submit required documentation to include treatment plans, service notes, etc.
  4. Assist program participants in the development of skills, confidence, and relationships as they resume independent living
  5. Provide crisis support to program participants
  6. Attend Behavioral Health Task Force Meetingsand maintain good relationship with community partners
  7. Serve as role model to inspire, engage, and advocate for clients’ rights
  8. Provide outreach engagement, linkage, and follow up services to client
  9. PSS may not exceed 3 hours per day with one consumer unless prior approval from supervisor
  10. PSS may not work with any consumer on major holidays except for a crisis
  11. PSS must attend monthly peer support supervision meeting
  12. Complete incident reports in compliance with program policies, report immediate safety concerns to the Peer Support Supervisor and Clinical Director
  13. Facilitate effective interventions in order to properly implement each consumer's Person Center Plan (PCP)
  14. Complete documentation in a timely manner as required


Qualifications & Experience

  1. This individual must be a NC Certified Peer Support Certification and have completed WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
  2. High school diploma or GED required
  3. Lived experience of substance use recovery and/or co-occurring mental illness
  4. Experience working with individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds
  5. Maintain a valid NC driver’s license and valid automobile insurance
  6. Currently in recovery and are stable within their recovery for an extended period of time up to one (1) year or more
  7. Ability to participate in community outreach.
  8. Must have reliable transportation to work
  9. Previous experiences working as a Peer Support Specialist in a community setting is preferred but not required.