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Peer Support Specialist (Health Educator I)

Robeson, NC (Robeson County)

Posted 05/19/2023

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for Peer Support Specialist (Health Educator I) position placed at Robeson County Health Department. 



Title: Peer Support Specialist (Health Educator I)

Peer support specialists offer guidance and support to people who are struggling with substance misuse, psychological trauma, or mental health disorders. They usually have first-hand experience with similar traumatic events or circumstances and work closely with a variety of professionals to provide education and assist with rehabilitation.


  • Description of duties may change as program continues to evolve.
  • Employee in this position will advocate for the needs of each individual that they work with and maintain confidentiality.
  • They will collaborate with partner agencies and community resources to provide effective recovery support services to clients. They will work closely with the Recovery Coach at the Robeson County Department of Public Health.
  • They will provide recovery education to clients through each of phase of the recovery journey.
  • They will interact with clients to help guide them to avenues of recovery using their experiences and knowledge.
  • They will provide individualized harm reduction education and efforts to participants on overdose prevention, use of Narcan, STI and HIV risk reduction and safer drug use.
  • They will provide clients with community resources and help connect them to local services.
  • They will do regular outreach to individuals and geographic areas within Robeson County affected by drug use/or sex work and connect them to the Robeson County Department of Public of Health and other resources of care.
  • They will be responsible for distributing medication lock boxes, medication disposal kits and developing and upkeeping condom distribution sites throughout Robeson County.  They will work closely with Health Education staff with this task.
  •  They will interact with all public service agencies including Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.
  • They may assist with Narcan distribution, when needed.
  • They will work 20 hrs. per week (mostly non-traditional hours).

QUALIFIED CANDIDATES APPLY AT:  www.ncapha.org/employment_center

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