Employment Center

Public Health Department Job

PH Nurse III

Winston-Salem, NC (Forsyth County)

Posted 08/27/2020



invites applications for the position of:

Public Health Nurse III



SALARY:          $26.16 - $30.08 Hourly

$54,409.85 - $62,571.32 Annually

OPENING DATE: 07/10/20

CLOSING DATE: Continuous

LOCATION: 799 North Highland Avenue, Winston-Salem

DEPARTMENT: Public Health


The Forsyth County Department of Public Health is seeking a Public Health Nurse III to provide screening, education, counseling, and referrals to patents who enter the public health system for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and immunizations. The Public Health Nurse III performs head to toe physical assessments on males and females in the STD/HIV clinic, completes lab tests following NC STD protocol and guidelines, treats as instructed by Clinic Standing Orders, and/or Physician Extender, and provides counseling in the STD clinic setting.

The person in this position also performs immunizations to the public. If not currently an STD Enhanced Role RN in NC, the selected candidate will be required to attend and complete the Physical Assessment for Adults and STD Nurse Clinician courses. Dependent on qualifications the successful candidate may begin as a PHN I or PHN II until fully trained and qualified. This nurse must follow the mandate on required continuing education credits for programmatic areas and maintenance of STD ERRN certification.


The ideal candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Thorough knowledge of and skill in the application of nursing theory, practice, principles, and techniques employed in the field of public health and related programs;

Considerable knowledge of and skill in obtaining a health history and performing physical examinations sufficient enough to determine if their is any deviation from normal;

Considerable knowledge of available resources and organizations and the ability to coordinate these as needed;

Considerable knowledge of and ability to apply the principles and practices of public health;

General knowledge of current social and economic problems relating to public health, including health disparities;

Ability to plan, coordinate, and oversee the work of others;

Ability to deal tactfully with others and to exercise good judgment in appraising situations and making decisions;

Ability to work in partnership with patients and with other service providers to elicit needed information and to maintain effective working relationships;

Ability to accurately record services rendered and to interpret and explain records, reports, and medical instructions and;

Adequate computer skills to allow communication, patient record documentation, and the accessibility of information.


Graduation from a four-year college or university with a B.S. in Nursing which includes a Public Health Nursing rotation and two years of Public Health nursing experience or;

Master's degree in Public Health and graduation from a school of professional nursing and two years of professional nursing experience or;

Graduation from a school of professional nursing and three years of professional nursing experience including two years of Public Health nursing experience or;

An equivalent combination of training and experience.

BSN preferred.


Essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Providing education regarding vaccinations and administering immunizations to infants, children, and adults on a walk-in basis;

Administering and reading TB skin tests;

Accurately entering data into the North Carolina Immunization Registry; Providing blood pressure screening;

Performing finger and/or heel capillary blood collections for sickle cell screening and newborn screening and;

Completing all necessary forms.After completion of the NC Physical Assessment for Adults and

STD Nurse Clinician training courses, the HIV Counseling, Testing, and Referral training, and the final State required physical exam clinical check-off the nurse will be responsible for:

Working with Disease Intervention Specialists on specific cases; Performing necessary lab tests accurately;

Communicating clearly to patients demonstrating sensitivity, focusing on the situation, issue, or behavior rather than on the person;

Providing services in a culturally sensitive manner;

Treating patients with appropriate medication(s) or referring to mid-level provider or physician per STD Standing Orders;

Counseling, referring, and assisting patients as needed;

Following mandate on required continuing education credits for programmatic areas;

Consistently following the Forsyth County Department of Public Health Blood borne Pathogen Policy and procedure when collecting, packaging, and/or transferring specimens and when performing hand washing;

Maintaining annual STD ERRN certification by performing required number of STD clinical exams each year on males and females and;

Completing required continuing education hours.