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Public Health Department Job

PH Nursing Director I

Roxboro, NC (Person County)

Posted 02/11/2019

1. Present Classification Title of Position:

7   Present 15 Digit Position Number:

Proposed 15 Digit Position Number:

    Public Health Nursing Director I



2.  Usual Working Title of Position:

8.  Department, University, Commission, or Agency

     Nursing Director

     Person County Health Department

3.  Requested Classification of Position:

A.     Institution & Division:



      Person County Health Department- Personal Health

4.  Name of Immediate Supervisor:

10. Section and Unit:

    Janet O. Clayton

     Personal Health

5.  Supervisor's Position, Title & Position Number:

11. Street Address, City and County:

     Local Health Director I 522-16-220

      355-A South Madison Blvd., Roxboro, Person Co.

6.  Name of Employee:

12. Location of Workplace, Building and Room Number:


     355-A South Madison Blvd., Roxboro, NC 27573


I.                 GENERAL INFORMATION


The primary purpose of the Person County Health Department is to provide public health services that allow the promotion of optimal health and well-being of the citizens of  Person County.  The focus of service is health promotion and disease prevention.  Emphasis is placed on meeting the physical, emotional, social and economic need of the clients who present to the health department for services through coordinated efforts of the health care team including other community health and social agencies.


The primary purpose of this position is to serve in an administrative capacity to assist the Health Director in planning, directing, and supervising the complex variety of services and personnel in both the Personal Health Division which includes Care Management of the Person County Health Department. 

The Personal Health Programs consist of Adult Health, Child Health and Adolescent Health Services,  Maternal Health Services, Women’s Preventive Health Services, Communicable Disease, Pregnancy Care Management, Care Coordination for Children, Sexually Transmitted Disease Control, TB Control, Immunization, and Maternal/Newborn Home Visiting Program. Laboratory Services is also included in this section.



               Regular work hours are Monday-Friday:  8:00 AM-4:30PM with one hour for lunch.  May       have to participate in additional responsibilities and  program requirements after normal                 working hours such as Board of Health Meetings and epidemiological outbreak                investigations.  May also have to work during inclement weather and natural disaster                situations if the county deems it necessary to open a shelter. 24/7 availability.    

The employee is subject to be called upon anytime to help the agency respond to a public health emergency which may include, but is not limited to, outbreak investigations, staffing mass dispensing or immunization clinics, providing disaster relief, or other incidents (man-made or natural and intentional or non-intentional) as they arise, or any public health response requested by the Health Director.


                     Changes include additional staff in the Care Management programs and a Processing                                              Assistant IV position, and additional duties in community outreach and department planning.


                              Supervisory and Managerial Functions:

1.         Plan and establish Public Health program goals, and implement changes in standards and procedures as needed. Direct overall staff recruitment and position assignment to meet goals and priorities. Serves on the management team and is instrumental in planning activities for Public Health with the team that is congruent with the agency’s mission and goals. Keeps management informed of activities occurring in personal health as well as disseminating information to the personal health staff that is learned from Management Team meetings.

2.         Plan daily work and have some authority to make significant changes in the structure to meet immediate needs. Make long range plans and regularly review activities, problems, and functions. May be required to meet with comparable staff from other agencies and with consumers to develop formal and informal community partnerships and areas of collaborative practice. Must defer to Health Director for any formal agreements with other agencies or community partners.

3.         Position is responsible for assessing personnel needs, present program and projected program needs and preparing, justifying and maintaining assigned Personal health program budgets under the supervision and guidance of the Health Director. This includes approval of workshops or trainings that may be requested by Personal Health Staff.  Also responsible for notifying Administration if budget revisions are needed. Assist in annual Medicaid cost analysis review.

4.      Establishes, develops, revises, and ensures that work standards, policies, and procedures are followed. Works closely with supervisors in applying Public Health standards to achieve quality work results.  This position also assures that the agency is in strict compliance with the standards in the current Nurse Practice Act.

5.      Reviews records and performance of staff for evaluation of compliance with standards, policies, procedures, and objectives. Meets with Leads regularly to direct and guide them in decision-making, problem-solving, and coordinating generalized Public Health programs.

6.      Resolves informal grievances and staff problems. Defers serious problems to Health Director for review and resolution.

7.              Works to resolve staff problems/discipline issues, while consulting with the Health Director.  Follows guidelines of the North Carolina Office of Human Resources and County Personnel Policy.

8.        Required to attend Board of Health meetings and be prepared to answer questions.

9.         Conduct Personal Health staff meetings and other meetings/means of disseminating information.

10.   This position is responsible for the delivery of services in accordance with the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services program requirements and the legal practice of nursing.  The PHN Director I is both an advocate and spokesperson regarding nursing and public health issues to state, regional and local agencies; to the county board of health; to the medical community and the community at large.  This position represents the Personal Health Services Section and the Health Department at meeting and workshops.  The PHN Director I also establishes and maintains effective communications and relationships throughout the community.

11.   Works with the Health Director and Finance Officer in evaluating available financial resources and developing budget recommendations. Responsible for accurately assessing personnel, operation, and capital resources needed to carry out programs and developing and justifying with input from team members and program coordinators, the overall and individual program budgets for presentation to the health director and financial officer.

Responsible for presenting program and personnel needs to the Health  Director in preparation of the local budget.  Collaborates directly with the Health Director in preparing the local budget.  Develops program and personnel needs as required.  Reviews expenditure reports for program areas as needed. 

12.   Conducts on-going monitoring of programs to verify that objectives are being met.  Makes adjustments in program areas as needed. 

13.   Participates on the Health Department Management Team to ensure that Personal Health staff activities and services are coordinated with health director, nutrition, environmental health, management support and financial personnel.

14.   Every four years, collaborates with the Community Health Needs Assessment Work Group in preparing the Community Health Assessment Initiative by determining what needs and resources are available.


15.   Prepares and negotiates the Contract Addenda of each program area with state consultants and with the assistance of the Health Director as needed.  Works in conjunction with Program Coordinators.

16.   Collaborates with the QIA Specialist for quality assurance through record audits and reviewing documentation of service and care rendered.  Reviews audit summaries; establish and implements corrective action plans and monitors to ensure staff compliance.

17.   Plans with the Health Director for changes in services and personnel to meet the health needs of Person County residents.  Develops new services including equipment, supplies, staff needs, tracking requirements and community education as needed.  Works in collaboration with the Health Director in writing/presenting proposals for new or additional staff and/or programs.  Monitors statistical data to help identify trends which might indicate programmatic and/or staff changes.

18.   Pursues grant opportunities as available and as appropriate.

19.   Assists program coordinators in developing and updating policies and procedures for all programs in conformity with public health nursing standards, consultant recommendation and guidance, medical directors’ standing orders and agency standards.

20.   Delegates appropriate tasks to program staff.  Notifies staff about program guidelines and initiatives; keeps staff informed of changes in guidelines.  Sets priorities and deadlines. Communicates with appropriate program coordinators and staff to accomplish this.