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Preconception and Inter-Conception Health Coordinator position

Rockingham, NC (Richmond County)

Posted 06/03/2022

NCAPHA IS ACTIVELY RECRUITING FOR A: Preconception and Inter-Conception Health Coordinator




Position Title:                   Maternal & Child Health Initiative Program Coordinator     

Name of Supervisor:       Cheryl Speight, MSN, Health Director and Kaitlyn Franklin, MHA ICO4MCH Program Manager

Agency Department:       Richmond County Health Department

Location of Workplace, Bldg.

Home-Based or  position is based in Home-based but will have access to space in each health department in the multi-county regional partnership (Richmond, Montgomery, Hoke, Scotland).


1.         A.        Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit:

                        The primary purpose of the unit is to provide leadership in developing communities or subsets of communities within Richmond Collaborative (Richmond, Scotland, Hoke, Montgomery Counties) to initiate and maintain interventions to improve health status.


The tasks necessary to develop a community to address its health needs include environmental and policy assessments, resource identification and development, advocacy, appropriate development/selection of interventions, and evaluation. Additional tasks include effective promotion, marketing, and public relations to maximize service delivery goals and objectives.


Services range from the development of community members/resources within communities, to facilitating environmental system changes, to advocating for policy development, to implementing policy change across a 4-county region and partnership.

                             B.        Primary Purpose of Position:

This position will be responsible for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of the Improving Community Outcomes for Maternal & Child Health (ICO4MCH) Initiative grant project in the 4-county regional partnership of Richmond, Scotland, Hoke, and Montgomery counties. The aims of this initiative are to improve birth outcomes, reduce infant mortality and improve health status of children ages 0-5. This position is responsible for coordinating all preconception and inter-conception health components of the ICO4MCH Initiative project in the regional partnership. Work will include facilitating community change, partnership development, coalition building, community organizing and partner communications.


ICO4MCH Initiative Aims:  Improve birth outcomes, reduce infant mortality, and improve the health status of children ages 0-5.

This position will develop, implement, manage, and evaluate complex services in the 4-county regional partnership.

This position will collaborate closely with the ICO4MCH staff, local health department staff, partnering hospital staff, community partners, and other organizations as needed to achieve public health outcomes.

    C.        Work Schedule:         

The hours for this position are generally 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, however these hours are subject to change based on the needs of the community and/or agency.  Other hours required to work may include early morning, evening, and/or weekend times as community events arise.



A.    Duties, Responsibilities and Position Characteristics:

Maternal & Child Health Initiative Program Coordinator (Preconception) Responsibilities:*

·       Implement the Northwestern University’s Mothers and Babies Program designed to promote healthy mood management while teaching pregnant women and new moms how to effectively respond to stress in their lives through   increasing the frequency of thoughts and behaviors that lead to positive mood states.

·       Implement a community-based health and outreach program for individuals of reproductive age and/or individuals during the inter-conception period in collaboration with a community partner.

·       Enhance efforts in promoting and increasing utilization of pregnancy services by individuals of reproductive age, including those underinsured and uninsured, to reinforce the importance of pregnancy planning and preparedness among individuals in the LHD’s Family Planning clinic or within other primary care practices.

·       Serve as the primary contact for preconception and inter-conception health components of the ICO4MCH Initiative in the regional partnership (Richmond, Scotland, Hoke, and Montgomery counties)

·       Engage with Local Health Department staff in each county consistently and regularly to ensure programmatic and fiscal outcomes are being achieved

  • Responsible for coordinating all components of the preconception and inter-conception health strategy for ICO4MCH Initiative project in the regional partnership, including but not limited to; community outreach, staff development, community partner engagement, and implementation team meetings.
  • Develop and apply expertise regarding current developments in community health/public health, financing and delivery of core public health functions and essential health services

·       Coordinate and implement media campaigns in conjunction with community stakeholders

·       Utilize social media along with radio, television, billboards, web banners, or newspapers to increase public awareness of preconception and inter-conception health.

·       Aid local communities in maintaining existing and developing new relationships with local media, writing press releases, placing advertisements both paid and unpaid and managing website content, including social media outlets

·       Ensure all program deliverables and objectives are met and reports are delivered in a timely manner

·       Attend relevant coalition meetings in each county for the purpose of improving MCH

·       Ensure scope of work, deliverables, reporting requirements are met as outlined in the Agreement Addendum

  • Collaborate with local birthing centers, healthcare providers external to the health department and community partners on activities that relate to improving maternal and child health and the public’s health.


II.        B.        Other Position Characteristics:

            1.         Accuracy Required in Work:

                       The employee will be in a highly visible position participating in community initiatives and therefore it is imperative that proper communication to reflect the strategic intent of the Collaborative is always employed. The       

                       employee will interact with high level officials in the community so consistent professionalism is required.                                                                                                                                                                                           

            2.         Consequence of Error:

                               Employees who give misinformation or appear incompetent create a liability for the organization.  If employees give inaccurate information, the public or target population will be misinformed which may result in     

    individuals making inappropriate health behavior decisions or businesses being affected negatively.  If the employee is not successful in mobilizing the community to develop interventions the initiatives will fail and the organization will    

    be in jeopardy of losing funding for program activities.                                                                                                                                                                                       

              3.         Instructions Provided to Employee:  Overall direction will be available for the employee from the Richmond Collaborative ICO4MCH, Program Manager


            4.         Supervision Received by Employee:


This position is supervised by the Richmond County, Health Director and Richmond Collaborative, ICO4MCH Program Manager. The person in this position is expected to work independently and must carry out responsibilities and initiate actions to ensure success of the ICO4MCH Initiative. The supervision received is usually to ensure that work assignments have been completed in accordance with management's program goals and established policies.  All assignments that cause significant changes in the position will be reviewed and approved.



            5.         Variety and Purpose of Personal Contacts


This position will have regular and ongoing contacts with local and State public health leaders and staff and leadership from communities across the State in the areas of medicine, public health, media, social marketing, business and community-based organizations. 


            6.         Physical Effort: The employee will be required to occasionally lift, carry, and unload equipment and supplies including audiovisual equipment, display boards and accompanying materials.                         


            7.         Work Environment and Condition:   Employees are subjected to remote / work from a home environment which is to be free from disruptions and should be kept neatly organized. This position will also be frequently required to work in various community locations in a normal office setting.  Emergency situations may require unpredictable and extreme work environments.


III.       KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES AND TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Considerable knowledge of community planning concepts, and of human service programs and supportive services in the functional areas to which assigned. Ability to provide guidance to state and local management in planning new or improved programs, and to communicate effectively with professional and administrative personnel. In addition:


·       Understanding systems level change and a population level approach to public health

·       Ability to lead coalitions and community members toward the goal of improving maternal and child health

·                     Knowledge of core public health functions with the ability to lead and communicate effectively with all stakeholders, including each health department’s Health Director

                      and relevant health department staff                                                                                                                                                                                            


1.         Required Minimum Training:

Graduation from a four-year college or university and two years’ experience in a community, business, or government program, preferable in the fields of education, social work, public health, or public relations: or an equivalent combination of training and experience.    

2.               Additional Training/Experience

Ability to demonstrate understanding of systems level change and have the ability to develop and apply expertise regarding current developments in community/public health, financing and delivery of core public health functions and essential health services. Strong leadership and communication skills, attention to detail, and personal demeanor that will support the collaborative nature of this project are musts. Experience in system level change work in a health-related field is preferred.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Publisher, and have basic email skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential for this position. This position will require the ability to work in a community partnership and recognize that this work and position will be highly visible at the local, state, and national level.


QUALIFIED CANDIDATES APPLY AT:  https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=8051017b-5cd0-4bd7-9972-7dc8ffcf752e&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055

Applicants need to indicate this position on their application.   Bilingual preferred