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Shelby, NC (Cleveland County)

Posted 11/06/2019

Lovely Foothills Community with Easy Urban Access Seeks

Visionary, Innovative Public Health Director


Cleveland County is seeking its next Public Health Director who will lead staff and work effectively within demands of an organization which follows State of NC Health and Human Services regulations and report to the Cleveland County Manager and Board of Commissioners. The successful candidate will be a proven public health administrator who has impeccable integrity and is a compassionate, strategic thinker with a record of outstanding community engagement, transparency, staff excellence and innovative leadership in health service delivery.  The incoming Health Director must value teamwork and collaboration, as well as champion outstanding service while holding high standards for self and others. The environment is ripe for a leader who is a change agent ready to make an impact both in the agency and in the community.


About the Community:  Cleveland County (County Seat, Shelby) is located in the rolling piedmont of the southwestern portion of North Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 50 miles southwest of Charlotte.  With a population of over 97,000 across 15 incorporated municipalities and unincorporated areas, Cleveland County offers family friendly communities while also hosting a robust business economy. Cleveland County is home to numerous ISO 9000 certified companies, and over 40 percent of the work force is involved in advanced manufacturing. 


Location is one of Cleveland County's biggest advantages.  Our county is the gateway between Asheville and Charlotte and is centered between two of the largest metropolitan areas of the Carolinas-- Charlotte and Greenville/Spartanburg with easy access to major airports and interstate highways to get to your desired destination.


About the Department and Position: The Public Health Director is responsible for delivering and promoting public health services, strategies and initiatives to the citizens of Cleveland County. The Health Department provides Clinical and Community Services. Clinical Services include: Adult Health/General Clinic, Child Health, Dental, Diabetes Clinic, Family Planning, Immunizations, Maternal Health, School Health, WIC and Nutrition, Employee Wellness Center and a grant funded program called Nurse Family Partnership. Community Services include: Environmental Health, Health Education, Solid Waste and Pharmacy. The Health Director will be responsible for nearly 200 employees and a budget around $14M.

 Priorities for the next Health Director include:

·       Establishing goals and plans to improve Cleveland County Health ranking in NC

·       Preparing and responding to Medicaid transformation

·       Strategic focus on communicable diseases and the increase in opioid and tobacco use


The new Health Director will work with County Administration, the Cleveland County Public Health Advisory Board and the Board of County Commissioners to address the key health concerns and priorities while working to envision new priorities to protect and promote the health care of the citizens of Cleveland County. Building a transparent, informational and accountable relationship with the Board and public is essential. Like many communities, increases in opioid addiction and the prevalence of STDs create challenges for innovative outreach, education, treatment and prevention. Ongoing disparity of income and healthcare access require innovative programs and initiatives to ensure people can receive outstanding healthcare. The next director must be a passionate advocate for citizen access to outstanding public health care and the ongoing development of a climate of excellence in which staff grow and thrive in delivering outstanding customer service.


Economically and age diverse, the County has an overall poverty level of 19.9% with about 61% reduced school lunch participants and 12.5% of residents over the age of 65 compared with a rate of nearly 27.5% for those under the age of 18.*  

*Source: https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/community_facts.xhtml


More information about the department can be found at https://clevelandcounty.com/cchd/


Minimum Qualifications:   Minimum training and experience requirements are in accordance with GS 130A-40 and GS 130A-45.5. For master's degree related to public health, the determination must be made by the State Health Director. 

·       A master’s degree in Public Health Administration, and at least one year of employment experience in health programs or health services; or,

·       A master’s degree in a public health discipline other than public health administration, and at least three years of employment experience in health programs or health services; or,

·       A master’s degree in public administration, and at least two years of experience in health programs or health services; or,

·       A master’s degree in a field related to public health, and at least three years of experience in health programs or health services; or,

·       A bachelor’s degree in public health administration or public administration and at least three years of experience in health programs or health services.

Preferred Qualifications:

·       Master’s degree in Public Health;

·       Six (6) years of senior management level experience working directly for or with a public health agency;

·       Experience with direct oversight and/or working closely with public health clinical services, communicable disease and public health preparedness.

In Addition, the Successful Candidate (is):

·       a transformational leader who works to inspire staff by role modeling high standards, accountability, and excellence in word and deed;

·       a creative and collaborative leader who builds unique partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional partners

·       a respected and skillful leader who is able to effectively recruit, retain, manage, develop and engage talented staff;

·       an assertive advocate for the needs of Public Health clients, community members and employees with key stakeholders and decision makers who influence policy, law and funding;

·       an effective influencer who matches goals, data and strategy to aid decision makers in understanding needs and resources needed to improve service delivery;

·       skillful in diplomatically engaging with a diversity of stakeholders such as individual citizens, community groups, employees, regional, state and federal authorities in order to leverage County opportunities and mitigate challenges;

·       will expand and enhance a culture of excellent customer service for all stakeholders;

·       will break down silos and barriers effectively while building bridges and paths to solutions in partnership with others;

·       embraces innovative solutions such as offering provider training programs, leveraging technology, partnering to remove obstacles (e.g. cultural and language barriers, transportation, etc.) in order to solve challenging health care delivery issues;

·       advocates for services of the agency to regulatory bodies and programmatic partners;

·       is experienced in developing, managing and coordinating a budget that consists of funds from multiple sources;