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Public Health Educator/ Opioid Grant

Jacksonville, NC (Onslow County)

Posted 09/30/2021

Public Health Educator/ Opioid Grant

Coordinator- Contracted

SALARY: $18.60 - $24.18 Hourly
$1,488.00 - $1,934.40 Biweekly
$38,688.00 - $50,294.40 Annually

OPENING DATE: 03/15/21

CLOSING DATE: 03/29/21 11:59 PM


This position will facilitate established classes as well as developing new courses based on agency action plans and community need. Occasional evening and weekend work will be required due to the timing of outreach events. Performs intermediate administrative work planning and implementing a health education program, and related work as apparent or assigned. A large focus of this position is the coordination of current Opioid/ Substance Abuse grant efforts. Work is performed under the general direction of the Community Relations Officer.


Assists in planning and carrying out the educational components of agency programs. Prepares, selects, and distributes health educational and informational materials to local agencies, organizations, and other individuals and groups interested in health programs and problems. Manages day to day operations of grant projects. Coordination of grant elements to include but not limited to meetings, invoices, timesheets, reports, and data. Coordination of an Overdose Fatality Review (OFR) Board; preparation of cases, data, and information required for review; ensure compliance with local policies regarding confidentiality of client records. Visits schools, community organizations, professional groups, and local health departments to advise on methods of developing interest and participation in public health programs. Performs assigned functions as a Disaster Ready Team (DRT) member, if appointed or volunteers. Performs related work as required


Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of public health and public health education activities. General knowledge of modern educational theory and techniques in the field of public health education. General knowledge of journalistic principles and methods of preparing subject matter in the promotion of public health activities. General knowledge of display techniques and skill in the arrangement of exhibits. Ability to work effectively with people on all educational levels and to maintain effective working relationships with local health departments, community agencies, and the public. Ability to write and speak effectively and to stimulate interest and cooperation among various groups in carrying out a program in public health education. Ability to operate a personal computer and standard office productivity software.


Bachelor's degree with coursework in health education, or related field and moderate experience public health education, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Valid driver's license is required. Salary will be determined based on qualifications, internal equity, budget, and market considerations. In order to be considered for this position, your final transcript showing the date that your degree was awarded and/or any required certificates or licenses must be uploaded with your application, even if you are a current employee or we have received it with a previous application. Please note that this position is not an Onslow County Local Government position, it is contracted through The Alliance. You will have to submit your application to the following address: http://www.ncapha.org/employment_center#public-health-jobs

234 Northwest Corridor Boulevard
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Position #Contract


Public Health Educator/ Opioid Grant Coordinator- Contracted Supplemental


* 1. Which of the following best describes your highest level of completed education?
High School Diploma or GED
Associates Degree
Bachelors Degree
Masters Degree
None of the above

* 2. Have you completed coursework in health education or a related field?
Yes No

* 3. How many years of experience do you have in public health education or a related
Less than 1 year
One to three years
Three to five years
Five or more years

* 4. Do you have experience developing and facilitating a health-related lesson, class,
workshop, or seminar?
Yes No

* 5. Do you possess a valid driver's license?

* 6. Have you uploaded your final transcript showing the date that your degree was
awarded and any required certificates or licenses? This must be done even if you are a
current employee or we have received it with a previous application.

* 7. Based on your review of the position requirements, are you able to perform the
position duties with or without reasonable accommodation?
* Required Question