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Regional Bilingual Lifestyle Coach (P/T)

Franklin, NC (Macon County)

Posted 11/18/2020

MountainWise Public Health Partnership | Grant Sponsored by N.C. OMHHD

Title:          Haywood County Lifestyle Coach
Dept:         MountainWise, NC Public Health Region 1
                  NC Minority Diabetes Prevention Program (NC MDPP) Grant

Employer: NC Alliance for Public Health Staffing

Location: Haywood County

Position Hours: 5-15 hours/week

Pay: $15/hour


The purpose of the NC MDPP initiative is to create healthier communities by:

1. Engaging at risk populations for participation in Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP)
2. Screening at risk populations for pre-diabetes
3. Referring to Diabetes Prevention Programs
4. Offering the Diabetes Prevention Program to minority communities in Region 1

Position Summary

Lifestyle Coaches work with the MountainWise Partnership along with the North Carolina Office of
Minority Health and Health Disparities to implement the NC Minority Diabetes Prevention Program on a
community level in one of our 8 westernmost counties (Region 1). Lifestyle Coaches lead groups of
participants through a year-long lifestyle change program using the evidence-based, Prevent T2
(Prevenga el T2), CDC curriculum. The curriculum consists of 16 core sessions (held approximately every
week for 16-26 weeks) and a minimum of 6 post-core sessions (held approximately every month for the
remainder of the year long program). Lifestyle Coaches help participants develop and maintain the skills
needed to adopt healthy eating and physical activity habits. Lifestyle Coaches support participants by
providing information, encouraging progress, and working with the group to address any challenges or
barriers that arise. Lifestyle Coaches do not need to be health care professionals, but they must be
effective community organizers, group facilitators, and leaders.
Lifestyle Coaches who work with MountainWise, are contracted employees through the NC Alliance of
Public Health Agencies (NCAPHA) Alliance Staffing, state office in Raleigh, NC. Lifestyle Coaches must
have a strong connection with the community they plan to facilitate classes in- both linguistically and
culturally. Some nights and/or weekends may be required, depending on class schedules and
community events such as screenings, community conversations, and outreach.
MountainWise is committed to adhering to both CDC and local health department guidance as related
to COVID-19. The safety of our employees, partners, participants, and communities is our highest
priority. All classes, training, meetings and other interactions will be held virtually until it is deemed safe
to proceed in person.

Description of work:

● Deliver the CDC evidence-based curriculum (Prevent T2/Prevenga el T2) as it was
designed within Haywood County in a way for participants to make and sustain positive
lifestyle changes (i.e. Lifestyle Coach can add his/her personal strengths as a coach and
provide culturally relevant examples of food, types of physical activity, barriers, etc. but
should not alter the key message of the curriculum)
● Deliver the curriculum in Spanish (where applicable)
MountainWise Public Health Partnership | Grant Sponsored by N.C. OMHHD
● Prepare for each session (i.e. review lesson plan as it is outlined in the CDC curriculum,
provide feedback for participants on their food and activity trackers on a weekly basis)
● Ensure participant and program data is entered into the MDPP database on a weekly
● Participate in all mandatory NC DPH coach calls
● Maintain an outreach log to track correspondence with MDPP participants who are
unable to attend a class
● Assist to coordinate screenings for prediabetes among priority populations within
Haywood County
● Refer at risk people to local DPP classes
● Refer individuals with a diabetes diagnosis to a Diabetes Self-Management Education
(DSME) program
● Provide DPP classes with items and services to address participant barriers to
participating in the DPP classes; including transportation, childcare, supplies, etc.
● Assist in administering an incentive program for participants
● Complete required evaluation and program activities
● Complete two-day Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach training as outlined in
the most recently approved Division of Public Health Agreement Addendum
(registration covered through available grant funding)

Suggested Qualifications

● Bilingual preferred
● Knowledge of the principles of behavior change and group facilitation
● Ability to communicate effectively with individuals and in front of a small group
● Demonstrate ability to leverage group dynamics by facilitating and fostering
relationships with and among participants
● Ability to guide behavior change without prescribing personal actions or solutions
● Ability to work with a diverse group of people of varying ages, ethnicities, life
experiences, etc.
● Active listening skills
● Enthusiasm and a positive attitude
● Knowledge of basic health, nutrition, and fitness principles

Background and Education:

● Graduation from High School and demonstrated possession of knowledge, skills and
abilities gained through at least one-year experience of working in a community-based
setting, preferably in healthcare.

Application Process

Interested applicants should complete an online application by visiting the Alliance Staffing
website: http://www.ncapha.org/