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Fayetteville, NC (Cumberland County)

Posted 01/05/2022



Position Title: Hepatitis C (HCV) Bridge Counselor

Purpose: support viral hepatitis activities related to prevention messages, screening and testing for (HCV) infections, and facilitating linkage to care for people who are infected with HCV to clinical providers for treatment. The HCV Bridge Counselor also will be responsible for providing disease specific patient education and tracking the patient at specific milestones through the treatment cascade.

Viral hepatitis and HIV/STDs contribute greatly to health care disparities in North Carolina. Many individuals infected with hepatitis C have comorbidities with mental health and/or substance abuse disease. Local health departments are a valuable resource and are a pivotal touch point to building strong network partnerships, facilitating community engagement, and increasing linkage to care.

This position serves North Carolina Department Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD) Region 6 which includes the following counties: Anson, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, and Scotland.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1)     Serve as a coordinator to link persons infected with HCV to clinical providers for viral hepatitis care and treatment.

2)     Advocate for North Carolina Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program (CHAMP) and when asked for additional information, refer providers to the NCDHHS CHAMP website (https://epi.dph.ncdhhs.gov/cd/hepatitis/CHAMP-Brochure_FINAL-WEB.pdf), the North Carolina Viral Hepatitis Program Manager, or the CDB Hepatitis C Nurse Consultant to discuss viral hepatitis training.

3)     Facilitate a rapid disease intervention by quickly engaging patients and serving as the first point of contact for persons who are newly diagnosed or not linked to care.

4)     Conduct linkage to care attempts for each referral utilizing the HCV Bridge Counselor Engagement Algorithm to link persons infected with HCV to care. Engagement attempts will be made for one year from initial attempt, following the Engagement Algorithm. The HCV Bridge Counselor will maintain records in case additional follow-up is necessary to assist in linkage to care efforts and data collection.

5)     Link patients to their first diagnostic appointment in their county or region.

6)     Work with each patient to complete a Bridging Session and assessment form. A Bridging Session is necessary to perform a patient assessment and complete initial paperwork, provide disease specific education and counseling, and link patients to their first appointment.

7)     Facilitate linkage to care by contacting providers and clinics to schedule the initial appointment for patients.

8)     Provide disease specific education to persons infected with HCV and to the wider community. Stakeholder community education will serve to increase disease specific awareness-screening guidelines, prevention messaging, and curative treatments. Persons infected with HCV will be taught control measures, steps to maintain liver health, and general disease facts. The HCV Bridge Counselor will utilize approved materials for patient education including patient education guides created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (available at https://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hcv/patienteduhcv.htm),and resources from the American Liver Association (available at https://liverfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/alf_download_901.pdf)

9)     Collaborate with key community stakeholders to identify resources and coordinate quarterly updates to the regional resource list. At a minimum, the regional resource list identifies clinical providers who provide:

a.      Care and curative HCV treatments

b.     Behavioral health services

c.      Substance abuse counseling and treatment services

d.     Syringe service programs, and

e.      HCV testing locations.

10)  Conduct contact investigations for acute HCV when directed by other Local Health Department staff or the North Carolina Viral Hepatitis Program Manager.

11)  Collect data and complete quarterly reports.

12)  Track clients along the linkage to care continuum and collect data at specific milestones along the Hepatitis C Curative Cascade.

13)  Provide performance measures reports to the Communicable Disease Branch Hepatitis C Nurse Consultant on a quarterly basis.

14)  Educate persons encountered during outreach, community events, and referrals about COVID-19 symptoms, prevention and the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, available at the Local Health Department free of charge.


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