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Soil Scientist

Lenoir, NC (Caldwell County)

Posted 12/29/2020





SALARY:  $24.21/HR.


General Statement of Duties


The primary purpose of the Environmental Health Department is to safeguard the public health, safety and welfare by enforcement of state laws, rules, regulations and local ordinances pertaining to Environmental Health and Sanitation.


The Soil Scientist is responsible for administering one of the key program areas of Environmental Health.  This is advanced professional environmental health work in coordinating the county’s on-site water protection program and in promoting public health through developing and implementing programs of education, surveillance, consultation, inspection and enforcement of State and local environmental health laws and regulations.  The employee provides expertise in the assigned program area and is responsible for seeing that their program meets all standards required by the State.  The employee spends a majority of their time in direct service provision.


Public Health is a first responder agency for natural disasters (e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, winter storms), naturally occurring infectious disease outbreaks (e.g. influenza, SARS), technological hazards (hazardous materials releases, critical infrastructure disruptions), and terrorist incidents.  This position, like all other positions within the Department, may be required to participate in any emergency response activities as deemed necessary by the Health Director or his/her designee.  Availability during emergencies and exercises is required.  Appropriate ICS courses will be completed as assigned for position.


Other task may be assigned by the Environmental Health Supervisor, Health Director, and other appropriate administrators based on the needs of the department.


Examples of Duties Performed


·       Observes technique and assures proper procedure is maintained by accompanying staff for on-site water protection activities. Has primary responsibility for training new employees in the on-site water protection program area.  Reviews records as necessary.


·       Evaluates soils of individual lots and proposed subdivisions for suitability to construct ground absorption sewage systems, recommends alternate disposal systems where traditional systems are inappropriate, evaluates systems failures, and consults on program development.


  • Works closely with county attorney on all legal matters pertaining to environmental health. 


·       Works within local and state guidelines concerning the location, design and construction of ground absorption sewage treatment systems using considerable judgement and interpretation of standards. Must be duly authorized to practice as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist to enforce state and local sanitation laws, regulations and ordinances.


  • Collaborates with other federal, state and local agencies that need the assistance of the health department in meeting their objectives.  Works in cooperation with the County Board of Health, Board of Commissioners, North Carolina Department of Human Resources, all county agencies and departments, the public school system, civic organizations, EPA, industry and the general public. 


  • Performs other duties as assigned by the EH Supervisor, Health Director, or other appropriate administrators.


Recruitment Standards


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Thorough knowledge of the mapping and classification criteria applied in the characterization of soils.  Thorough knowledge of the physical characteristics of soils and their probable implications regarding waste disposal systems.  Ability to read and understand construction site plans and blueprints.  Ability to propose alternate solutions in problem situations that accomplish sanitation objectives and are reasonable from a construction viewpoint.  Ability to handle with tact, consistency and sound judgement the variety of situations encountered in enforcement.  Ability to train others.  Ability to function independently and to exercise sound judgment.  Good communication and public speaking skills.  Ability to motivate and educate business and property owners as well as consumers.  Good physical health and a valid NC state drivers license.


Minimum Education and Experience


Bachelor of Science degree in soil science, agronomy or a related curriculum with 30 hours of science and satisfactory completion of the North Carolina Centralized Intern Training (CIT) program with two years of experience in soil science and working at the environmental health specialist level, a primary authorization in on-site water protection and at least one other authorization in a program area designated by the Environmental Health Supervisor.  Registered Environmental Health Specialist with state certification.  Fifteen hours of continuing education per year required to maintain certification and practice as a registered environmental health specialist.


Qualified candidates please apply at:  www.ncaph.org

(Please be sure to indicate this position on application.)









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