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Substance Use Outreach and Awareness Coordinator

MTW, NC (MTW County)

Posted 08/29/2023

NCAPHA (Alliance Staffing) is actively recruiting for Substance Use Outreach and Awareness Coordinator placed with MTW Public Health Department. 




POSITION:  Substance Use Outreach and Awareness Coordinator


SALARY RANGE: $31,553 - $33,767  (Hiring Range)


WORK LOCATION:Martin-Tyrrell-Washington District Health Department

APPOINTMENT TYPE:  Time Limited- Through June 30, 2024

OPEN DATE:  August 29, 2023                    CLOSE DATE:  September 15, 2023

DESCRIPTION:  Work in this position involves providing paraprofessional supportive casework services and information to clients, families and community groups. This position will focus on all substance use disorder populations including children, adults, and pregnant or post-partum women who experience addiction. This position will utilize a standardized screening tool as a means of identifying risk for abuse and dependence for alcohol and other drugs. Screenings that result in more than one positive response will be referred for a full assessment. This individual will also provide presentations on substance use and the dangers of as well resources that are available. Active participation in the MTW weekly clinical huddle meetings as well as the regional opioid coalition and the judicial district’s drug Recovery Court program will be expected. This individual will also be responsible for monthly reporting of the number of screenings completed as well as a breakdown of screenings by demographics.


Knowledges, Skills, and Abilities

Ability to communicate and identify effectively with substance users and community groups in distributing general information and education related to substance abuse. Ability to develop effective working relationships with professionals involved in treating substance abuse.

Minimum Education and Experience 

Graduation from high school and one year of experience in substance abuse in a supportive informational role; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


If you are interested in applying for this position, send a completed PD107 to:

Attention:  Vickey Manning

MTW District Health Department

198 NC Hwy 45N

Plymouth, NC  27962        252-791-3133

Martin-Tyrrell-Washington District Health Department is AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.