About Us

The NC Alliance of Public Health Agencies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started in 1995 by a group of Local Health Directors.  The organization was originally known as the NC Alliance of Public Home Health Agencies and was founded to allow the county owned agencies to share resources, both staffing resources and supplies.  Over time the need to pool resources to get better pricing on supplies was no longer needed, but staffing resources were still required not only in the Home Health Agencies, but the Health Departments themselves too.  Eventually, our name was changed and our articles of incorporation and bylaws were amended to reflect the needs of public health in North Carolina.

Today, we are primarily a staffing agency who serves the needs of the Local Health Departments (including the County owned home health agencies which are run through the health departments) and  the NC Department of Public Health.  We are still unique in that we are here to support public health, not just to run a successful staffing agency. 

Supporting Public Health Across North Carolina

In an effort to support public health the Alliance provides other benefits to our clients and to public health in general.  We post job openings in local Health Departments on our website free of charge.  We also assist our clients to place ads on career Builder at our reduced rate.  Another benefit of working with the Alliance is that we charge no conversion fee if the County hires our employees.

In an effort to support public health in a more general way, the Alliance entered into an agreement with the NC Association of Local Health Directors and the NC Public Health Association in 2007.  Under this agreement the Alliance provides the staff and general operating funds to operate all three organizations.  The Associations do pay the Alliance administrative fees which cover most of their share of the general operating budget with the Alliance absorbing the excess.  Our Board of Directors believes that it is vital to have strong Associations to represent the public health needs of the citizens of North Carolina.  To visit our sister organizations please follow the links below.

www.ncalhd.org                                                         www.ncpha.com


Board of Directors

Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of dedicated and experienced public health professionals including Local Health Directors, Nursing Directors and representatives of the state Department of Public Health.  Our Board members play a vital role and are responsible for managing the affairs of the organization as defined in our bylaws.

Board Members as of: 1/1/19  
David Stanley Brunswick County
Scott Harrelson Craven County
Steve Smith Henderson County
Phillip Tarte New Hanover County 
Jerry Parks At-Large
Stacie Saunders Alamance
Beth Lovette NC Dept. Public Health
Phyllis Rocco NC Dept. Public Health
Teresa Ellen NCPHA Rep
Dave Jenkins Stanly County
Janet Clayton Person County
Davin Madden Wayne County
Anne Thomas At-Large
Joy Reed At-Large