We appreciate the needs of our customers and future employees and strive to provide quality service to each.  Since every applicant has different needs and questions we've compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions to help streamline the application process.  We ask each applicant seeking employment to carefully review the list to determine if any of their questions are addressed before they contact us.  

Q: Do Alliance Staffing Employees receive any paid time off (PTO) or holiday pay??
A: Most assignments DO NOT PROVIDE our employees with paid time off (PTO), vacation, sick or holiday pay. Certain positions are funded with vacation/PTO, sick and holiday pay. If an assignment includes any vacation/PTO, sick or holiday pay, it will be communicated to the applicant during their initial interview.
Q: How do NCAPHA employees submit their timesheet?
A: Our employees are paid the 10th & 25th of each month by submitting their approved time sheet via fax to (919) 828-6525 or email to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Q: What is your fax number?
A: The HR fax number is (919) 760-6522 and the time sheet/payroll fax number is (919) 760-6525
Q: How do I apply for a position?
A: Please visit our Employment Center page and go to the side bar called: "Quick Reference." Find Submit Application and click on "Start Here" box. (You will then be directed to our online application page.) OUR POSITIONS ARE NOT POSTED SEPARATELY. WE RECEIVE ALL ONLINE APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED and once they're submitted applicants receive an auto response. IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHERE TO APPLY PLEASE GO TO: https://workforcenow.adp.com/jobs/apply/posting.html?client=ncapha1&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055 OUR APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE LOCATED AT: http://www.ncapha.org/employment_center . Scroll down to Alliance Staffing Employment Forms and locate last one: "Application Instructions."
Q: What benefits do Alliance Staffing employees receive?
A: Our benefits include:  Flexible Work Hours  -General Liability and Medical Malpractice Coverage  -401k (after 1 year of employment with 1,000 total hours worked)  -Flexible Spending Plan (FSA) - Health & Dependent Care (after 90 days full-time employment)  -Health Insurance: Full-time employees (working 30+ hours per week) are eligible to enroll in our PPO- traditional (Buy-up) OR high-deductible health plan (HDHP) on the first of the month following 60 days of steady employment.  -Health Savings Account (HSA) – only available to full-time employees enrolled in our HDHP medical insurance.
Q: Who can help me with my questions?
A: Candidates can email any questions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours.
Q: How do I learn more about open positions?
A: Many of our openings are listed on our Employment Center page on our company website. NCAPHA jobs are listed along with NC Department of Health openings (Candidates are asked to follow application instructions on Health Department listings since they are not handled by our office) .
Q: Where do employees obtain payroll information/instructions?
A: Visit our Employment Center at: http://www.ncapha.org/employment_center. Scroll down to Alliance Employment forms to obtain payroll packet for new hires. We ask each new employee to carefully review the entire packet.