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Communicable Disease School Health/Licensed Daycare Liaison and COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach Support

Granville-Vance, NC (Granville-Vance County)

Posted 08/01/2022

Communicable Disease

School Health/Licensed Daycare Liaison and COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach Support

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for a Full-Time Communicable Disease School Health/Licensed Daycare Liaison and COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach Support placed at the Granville-Vance County Health Dept.


The primary purpose and mission of Granville Vance Public Health (GVPH) is to promote good health and prevent disease in the community. Granville Vance Public Health has facilities in both Granville and Vance Counties, located in central North Carolina, north of Raleigh and Wake County. Additional information about the agency is available at www.gvph.org.


This is an on-site position, where the School Health and COVID-19 Vaccine Liaison will be primarily located at Granville Vance Public Health and provide support to both Granville and Vance counties. This position reports to the GVPH Nursing Director in Oxford, NC.


The School Health and COVID-19 Vaccine Liaison will work full-time, Monday through Friday to coordinate COVID-19 screening, testing, and vaccine administration efforts. The position will coordinate with other school health, public health, and daycare services, public or private, located within our counties. This position may require weekend and after-hours work.

The primary purpose of this contract is to serve as a School Health, Daycare, and COVID-19 Outreach Liaison. Specifically, this person will work with GVPH, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and local Daycares to address:

1. Administration/Joint planning for school health and daycares,

  • Assist Public Health efforts between GVPH and all LEAs and Daycares in the district.
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of cooperative efforts and collaborate on needed changes.
  • Serve as the liaison for the school health nursing program and daycares in the district.
  • Participate in the LEA school health advisory committee.
  • Buildrelationships with school nurses, school and day care administrators, and other school and day care personnel.
  • Serve as the main point of contact for any COVID-19 related questions or activities within the schools and day cares.
  • Maintain communication with GVPH clinical leadership and contact GVPH nurses with questions or specific circumstances that may need additional support.
  • Provide community outreach in person and remotely, at a variety of community locations.
  • Support other COVID-19 activities as identified by GVPH administrative and clinical leadership.

2. Communicable disease

  • Coordinate shared activities related to COVID-19 testing programs in schools and related response to test results and mitigation efforts.
  • Coordinate investigation and/or follow-up of other reportable communicable disease events within schools and daycares.
  • Participate in procedure development for response to communicable disease outbreaks in schools and daycares.
  • Coordinate local media response in conjunction with school administration, the local Health Director, and Medical Director, regarding communicable disease events and efforts in daycares and K-12 schools.
  • Provide Outreach and assist with communications within our district.

3. Vaccine administration outreach opportunities in schools, daycares, health department, & community

  • Provide vaccine information statements to schools/daycares and encourage on-site clinic opportunities.
  • Coordinate vaccine, medical supplies, and documentation supplies as needed for clinics when scheduled.
  • Assure completion of administration processes and billing related to vaccine through data entry.
  • Aide in training and verifying vaccine administrative techniques for new vaccine response team members.
  • Provide COVID-19 vaccines for homebound community members in need while coordinating visits with the Health Promotion and Wellness Supervisor and Immunization Coordinator.
  • Serve as a community liaison to provide COVID-19 vaccine outreach to residents of Granville and Vance counties, with emphasis on reaching historically marginalized populations.
  • Provide on-site COVID-19 vaccines at GVPH.
  • Coordinate with agency Immunization Coordinators to ensure the most up to date vaccine information is communicated and shared.
  • Adhere to the most up to date COVID-19 vaccine standing orders.
  • Transport according to required cold chain standards and administer vaccines at offsite locations for community outreach events in accordance with the most current Storage and Handling protocol.

4. OSHA program compliance opportunities

  • Coordinate the availability of OSHA-required vaccines for identified school staff and daycares through GVPH clinics and the billing of LEA/Daycares for required services.
  • Function as a resource to the school nurses and daycare administration for the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens training and incidents in schools.

5. Professional development opportunities

  • Include local school nurses and daycare representatives in educational and workshop opportunities related to school health program needs.
  • Ensure initial training and annual updates are provided for local school nurses and daycare representatives on their duties regarding county disaster response as defined by NC DHHS.

6. Privacy protection.

  • Facilitate read only access to the North Carolina Immunization Registry for school nurses.
  • Ensure local school nurses have reviewed and signed the GVPH annual confidentiality statement.
  • Function as a resource in ensuring compliance with HIPAA and FERPA in coordinated activities.

These responsibilities will require travel among the counties and in-person visits and virtual communication with team members and LEAs.

The School Health and COVID-19 Vaccine Liaison must have a cell phone and laptop available for use.


High School Diploma plus 5 years’ experience in a relevant field and American Red Cross Basic Life Support. COVID-19 Pandemic response experience a plus. A valid North Carolina driver’s license is required. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required.


Preferred contractor will have experience as a Public Health Nurse, EMT, Paramedic, or US DoD Medical Corps specialty. Other equivalent experience will be considered, including people with education and experience in health education, social work, communications, data/epidemiology, case investigation/contact tracing, vaccine/immunizations, testing, and administrative support for school health and daycares. Ability to multitask assignments/tasks with proficiency and accuracy.


$35.00 per hour. Travel will be reimbursed at the current Federal mileage rate.

Qualified candidates apply at:  https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=8051017b-5cd0-4bd7-9972-7dc8ffcf752e&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055

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