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Isolation & Quarantine Community Coordinator

Greensboro, NC (Guilford County)

Posted 06/16/2020


NCAPHA is actively recruiting for a contact Community Engagement Specialist to be placed at the Guilford County

Health Dept. in Greensboro, NC


Job Description: Community Engagement Specialist                

Job Title:  Isolation & Quarantine Community Coordinator

                  Guilford County Division of Public Health

Status:  Full-Time



 Reports To:   Community Health Program Manager



Job Statement: The Community Engagement Specialist is responsible for managing participants and associated records in the Isolation and Quarantine Program for Vulnerable Populations. This position will focus on the needs of people in quarantine waiting for COVID19 test results or 14 day Isolation for those testing positive for COVID19.  Assist with COVID19 or communicable disease response activities as requested by supervisor or team members.



Verify that person qualifies for Isolation or Quarantine program for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) following established protocol.


Process paperwork  for individuals requiring Isolation or Quarantine (I/Q).


Effectively communicate expectations and requirements for I/Q stay to clients and referring agencies.


Arrange for transportation, testing, hotel room and food service for the duration of client stay. Cancel same when no longer necessary.


Maintain current health department records regarding each client.


Make referrals as necessary for basic needs such as medications.


Resolve any issues that may arise between hotel, food service, transportation, continuity of care staff  and others as needed.


Maintain confidentiality of protected health and other information as necessary.  


Assist with other communicable disease activities as requested by supervisor or COVID19 team members.









Experience in related field or practical job experience.


Excellent organizational and record keeping skills as well as an ability to manage multiple cases.


Basic computer skills required to process paperwork and update records using Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.


Ability to effectively communicate to clients and community partners.


Ability  to work as a team with staff and community members.


Ability to problem solve effectively with individuals.


Sensitive to the needs and issues experienced by the poor, homeless and other populations.







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