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COVID 19 Health Educator/Compliance Officer

Greensboro, NC (Guilford County)

Posted 12/22/2020



COVID-19 Health Educator/Compliance Officer


The position of COVID-19 Health Educator/Compliance Officer will provide proactive advice and support to individuals, businesses and community groups to identify what they can and cannot do during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The position will be required to work across a 7-day week including mornings, evenings, weekends and after regular business hours to ensure thorough and complete investigation of complaints related to violations of COVID-19 mitigation strategies.  In addition, education will be provided as needed on the need to comply with the regulations, restrictions and requirements at the state, county, and municipal levels to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Guilford County.





·       Conduct education, outreach, and engagement activities to assist in achieving compliance with Executive Orders (EO) issued by Governor Roy Cooper, as part of North Carolina's response to end the COVID-19 epidemic.

·       Ensure the effective and efficient delivery of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners (BOC)/Guilford County Board of Health (BOH) Rule in relation to enforcement of the Governor’s COVID-19 EO. 

·       Investigate complaints and alleged breaches of the BOH Rule, and when needed, take informal and formal enforcement action to ensure compliance.

·       Enforcement action may take place through a combination of offering education on the COVID-19 EO and BOH Rule and other COVID-19 mitigation topics; explanation of the BOH Rule citation allowances; in personal delivery of a citation; and emailing of appropriate education and of the actual citation if personal contact cannot be made.

·       Support and collaborate with enforcement officers from other organizations on additional compliance duties as required.

·       Collaborate with law enforcement officers across jurisdictions to aid in efforts to escalate issues for further action.

·       Produce reports, data, correspondence and statements to ensure that proper records are maintained of all work completed including ensuring the continuity of and safekeeping of evidence in cases.

·       Maintain confidentiality in respect of all matters related to an investigation.

·       Represent the County in any ad-hoc working group or incident management meeting as directed and report back on discussions.

·       Complete trainings as directed for the role and take responsibility for self-development as COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus which requires frequent changes in planning and strategy to combat.

·       Comply with health and safety requirements and exercise personal responsibility for self-safety.

·       Be prepared to accept additional duties which may result from changing strategy to address community spread of COVID-19.


Minimum Qualifications:

Graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in health education, criminal justice or a related major and two years’ experience in public health education or a related field; or graduation from a four-year college or university and three years’ experience in public health education, criminal justice or a related field.

Preferred Qualifications:

·       Previous enforcement experience, licensing enforcement or working in an enforcement environment at the local government level.

·       Experience with providing advice and guidance in a public role.

·       Previous experience in Public Health, Environmental Health, Health and Safety, Planning or Coding Enforcement

·       Previous experience with presenting evidence in court.


·       Knowledge of legal frameworks, processes and procedures

·       Awareness of legal/working parameters such as powers and duties.

·       Understanding of the legislation process relevant to the role.

·       Knowledge of COVID-19 as related to legislation and guidance.


Preferred Skills:

·       Ability to communicate effectively across a range of professional disciplines, both in writing and verbally.

·       Ability to communicate simply and effectively with members of the public.

·       Ability to demonstrate tact and diplomacy when dealing with difficult/sensitive situations.

·       Ability to influence and change behavior through negotiation and mediation to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

·       Ability to research information and legislation and produce clearly written and easily understood reports.

·       Ability to provide clear and precise evidence for court hearings.

·       Ability to work as part of a team of professional, technical and administrative staff to make a positive contribution to the team.

·       Ability to manage a demanding workload and to work under pressure.

·       Ability to effectively use IT to create, store and retrieve records and as a method of communication.

·       Ability to respond quickly and appropriately to changing priorities.



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