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Dentist I

Clumbus , NC (Columbus County)

Posted 03/12/2024

 Columbus County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Columbus County Health Department

Position: Dentist I
Salary: Negotiable

Employees work with local health agencies and schools in promoting dental health education and in providing dental care and treatment for children up to age 19. Work requires independent professional responsibility and is performed under the general supervision of the Health Director.

Examines and determines need for dental treatment of patients; treats patients by performing work required to establish and maintain good dental health of the patient. Prepares and delivers talk to public agencies, county commissioners, and other community groups for the purpose of explaining the agency’s dental health program and to stimulate interest in community dental health problems. Helps institute good oral hygiene practices; participates in staff and scientific conferences; advises on and helps evaluate procedures followed in the dental clinic. Participates in school education work with teachers and students. Cooperates with dental, medical, and nursing societies in stimulating interest in dental health programs and projects. Performs related duties as required.

Knowledges, Skills and Abilities: Thorough knowledge of modern dentistry and recent developments in the field of dentistry. Some knowledge of community health problems. Ability to perform dental work and treatments involved in the control of mouth diseases among children. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with parents, teachers, and other appropriate groups in the community and institutions. Ability to prepare and deliver lectures on dental health education to various interested groups. Ability to perform dental work of a professional and independent nature. Ability to supervise and train dental assistants. Minimum Education and Experience: Licensed to practice dentistry in the State of North Carolina.

We have in the past used contract dentists (through the North Carolina Public Health Alliance). Our health (HPSA) score for dental is 20, so loan repayment is a great option we would be glad to assist you through the Office of Rural Health.

We have an in-house clinic with three operatories and a mobile unit with two operatories. Both fully equipped (in-house clinic has been in operation for 25 years, mobile unit is four years old). We employ 2 full-time dental assistants and 1 clerk. Our clinic was setup for the treatment of ages 19 years and under, at times we do see adults just to get them out of pain until they can be seen by other area dentists.

Our county population is 52,000; we are located 50 miles west of Wilmington, 60 miles southeast of Fayetteville, and about 65 miles north of MB, South Carolina.

**May be eligible for Loan Forgiveness**

Qualified applicants are asked to apply at: http://www.ncapha.org/careerportal/#/