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Environmental Health Specialist - Food and Lodging

Cumberland, NC (Cumberland County)

Posted 06/05/2023

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for Environmental Health Specialist position placed at Cumberland County Health Department. 

Environmental Health Specialist - Food and Lodging


The primary purpose of this professional Environmental Health position is to protect and promote public health through education, consultation, investigation, inspection and the enforcement of applicable laws and regulations. This is done in the areas of Food and Lodging establishments, plan review, childcare facilities, family childcare homes, seafood markets, teaching of food service classes and various other inspections located in Cumberland County. These areas also include Rabies Control and Clinics, Solid Waste complaints, Vector Control complaints, demolition inspections, Tattoo Artist permits and inspections, Public Swimming pool inspections, inspection and permitting of Solid Waste haulers, potable and irrigation water well supply inspections and permitting and inspections of on-site wastewater systems located in Cumberland County. Hours may vary based on candidate availability but must be willing to work some nights/weekends as needed.   This is a temporary/contract employment position. 

Hourly Rate: $50.00

Examples of Duties

The employee in this position is responsible for fulfilling duties associated with the County's Food and Lodging section. These duties include, but are not limited to:

* Inspections of food and lodging establishments


Minimum Qualifications

Registered as an Environmental Health Specialist (Sanitarian) by the NC State Board of Sanitarian Examiners.  Registration must be current. Must be authorized in Food and Lodging.