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Foreign Language Interpreter- Pashto (Temporary)

Cumberland, NC (Cumberland County)

Posted 03/22/2022

Department of Public Health

Foreign Language Interpreter- Pashto  (Temporary) – Job Description

This position works provider interpretation (Pashto) for refugee health services for Cumberland County and surrounding areas. This position plays a leading role in providing interpretation services for families in the Pashto language during refugee health assessments. The primary goal of the North Carolina Refugee Health Program is to ensure that health problems of newly arrived refugees that could pose a threat to public health or interfere with the effective resettlement of the refugees are promptly identified and treated. The position requires working alongside the Cumberland County Department Health staff, Resettlement Agencies, the Refugee Program Coordinator from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) to ensure new refugee arrivals can receive health services in Pashto. This position will provide in-person interpretation services for identified refugee families served in Cumberland. Key functions of the role are:

  1. Assist CCDPH staff with facilitating and coordinating with the Resettlement Agencies the client’s refugee screenings. Provide interpretation for families as they schedule refugee health assessment at CCDPH. 
  2. Provide interpretation services interpretation services in Pasto/English during the following refugee health screenings
  • Communicable Disease Screening
  • Physical Exam
  • Laboratory Testing.
  • Medical history and records review
  • Immunization assessment and updates
  • Tuberculosis screenings
  • Laboratory testing
  • Mental health screenings
  • Physical exams
  • Coordination of care (for follow-up).
  • Intestinal and tissue invasive parasite testing and treatment, malaria presumptive treatment and evaluation, and blood level testing (as necessary)

3. Interpret for CCDPH staff as they provide health information and education to newly arrived clients as requested

4. Work under the direction of the Cumberland County Health Director to act professionally and represent the Cumberland County Health Department as a principal contact in refugee health and to assist in meeting organizational goals.

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