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Nurse Practitioner/Physician Extender II

Franklin, NC (Macon County)

Posted 08/05/2019

Employment Opportunity


Position:  Nurse Practitioner/Physician Extender II

                 Macon County Public Health / NC Alliance for Public Health Agencies


Salary:  $40/hour


Closing date:  Open Until Filled



Employee will perform physical assessments, diagnosis, treatment and counseling in the clinical areas.   Serves as the primary provider within the health department.  Priority clinics include Primary Care, Family Planning, Adult Health, Child Health, Communicable Disease and STD clinics. 

Must be approved to practice medical acts by the appropriate State Board. Approval to practice medical acts includes giving a medical diagnosis, and prescribing medications outlined in the approved formulary.  Employee will practice under the Medical Director who is ultimately responsible for the employees' medical practice; supervision from the physician includes a set of mutually agreed to patient care protocols and medical guidelines with the physician immediately available by telephone or physically, if needed, for consultation.


Hours of work are generally 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with occasional evening & weekend hours.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

·        Thorough knowledge of techniques of interviewing, medical and relevant history taking, principles and practices of general medicine and disease states as they relate to the area of work;

·        Thorough knowledge of health appraisal tools, laboratory tests and findings, medication, and therapeutic procedures as relate to the area of work;

·        Thorough knowledge and ability to plan a regime of care based on assessment and findings;

·        Considerable knowledge of available resources and appropriate referral methods.

·        Skills in performing clinical functions.

·        Skill in assisting with routine surgical procedures.

·        Ability to examine patients and detect abnormalities;

·        Ability to record accurately and completely all information necessary to evaluate and plan care and to convey this to the treatment team;

·        Ability to communicate orally;

·        Ability to teach and counsel individuals, families and groups in areas of health maintenance, preventive medicine, and care of the sick;

·        Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and to gain the confidence of patients and families and work effectively with them;

·        Some ability to plan and conduct in-service training programs.

·        Ability to use a computer and document in Electronic Health Record.


Minimum Training and Experience Requirements

Approved to practice as a Nurse Practitioner by the North Carolina Board of Nursing and the North Carolina Medical Board and one year of experience as a Physician Extender.  Applicants may be eligible for loan re-payment or assistance.


How to apply:

Qualified candidates should apply at www.ncapha.org.  All prospective employees are subject to a criminal background check