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Pittsboro, NC (Chatham County)

Posted 05/24/2022


NCAPHA is actively recruiting for a Part-Time CAP RN placed at the Chatham County Health Dept. in Pittsboro.


PRIMARY PURPOSE AND WORK SCHEDULE                             

        A.   Primary purpose of organization unit

Community Health includes the Community Alternatives Program (CAP) Medicaid Waiver for disabled adults.  CAP staff oversee the care of Chatham County individuals who are deemed nursing home eligible by their primary care provider in an effort to keep residents who qualify in their home instead of being admitted into long-term care facilities.


        B.    Primary Purpose of Position

This is a temporary, part-time position.  The primary purpose for the position is to provide nursing assessments for Community Alternatives Program (CAP) beneficiaries, assist CAP Case Managers in developing a plan of care for beneficiaries, and serve as part of the multidisciplinary team.


C.     Work Schedule

The employee will work up to 20 hours per week.  Home visits are required.  Home visits are conducted Monday through Friday.  Flexibility of work schedule is allowed to include weekends as needed to meet program requirements.  Annual reassessments usually occur within the first two weeks of each month and the number of assessments varies month by month. There will be occasions when the employee may be asked to be involved in meetings, or activities extending the workday beyond the routine work schedule, or weekends.  Employee is subject to be called upon for nursing relief in times when the need for disaster health services or emergency shelters has been extended.



        A.    Description of Responsibilities and Duties in Order of Importance

1.      Nurse Assessments

Conduct initial, annual, and change of status assessments in the home for new and current CAP clients.  Areas of assessment include:  Diagnosis and History, Medications and Precautions, Skin, Pain, Cardio-Respiratory (includes obtaining vital signs as needed), Elimination, Musculoskeletal, Nutritional, and Neurological.  Medical records are typically reviewed prior to assessments.  If discrepancies are found, the CAP RN requests updated medical records from the primary care provider for reconciliation.


2.      Documentation

The CAP RN enters assessment findings into eCAP.  eCAP is the electronic medical record for the CAP program.  In addition to assessment findings, nursing notes such as phone calls to providers and clients are documented in eCAP.  


3.      Collaboration

Collaborate with CAP Case Managers, Medical Providers and other agencies as needed to help ensure appropriate care needs/services are identified for clients to remain safely in the home.


        B.  Other Position Characteristics

               1.   Accuracy Required in Work

Documentation of client care must be accurate and complete; Use of equipment must be according to specified procedures; Administration of medications and immunizations must be done with exact and complete accuracy for the patient’s wellbeing; Confidentiality must be strictly observed on behalf of clients; Accurate completion and timely submission of Time Sheets and Time Studies.


               2.   Consequence of Error

Consequence of error in performance affects the life and health status of the client and may result in the loss of public confidence in the agency as a resource for safe, appropriate health education and care.  Errors in nursing practice could result in legal action and the relinquishment of the RN license.  Errors in data collection and management may impact state or grant funding.


               3.   Instructions Provided to Employee 

Orientation to Chatham County Public Health Department’s Community Alternatives Program is provided.  Job description delineates responsibilities of position.  Employee will be given program and agency guidelines and protocols to follow; oral and written directives from Nursing Supervisor.  The employee reports to the Public Health Nursing Supervisor II and receives and provides regular feedback regarding needs and requirements for assigned programs and staff.   


4.    Guides, Regulations, Policies and References Used by Employee 

                     Protocols for screening and referral of patients are from the following program guidelines: 

a)   Community Alternatives Program Policy Manual

b)   Division of Health Benefits Consultants

c)      Agency Policies and Procedures                                                                                                                                                                                       

d)      Public Health Laws, Rules & Regulations

                            e)  Professional Rules and Regulations adopted by the NC Board of Nursing


5.    Supervision Received by Employee

The Public Health Nursing Supervisor II is available for consultation, but the PHN II must be capable of functioning independently within department policy and program guides. Work is subject to record audits.   


6.    Variety and Purpose of Personal Contacts

This position requires continuous contact with others, and must communicate effectively with subordinates, peers, administrators, and the general public.  Contact in writing and/or verbally (in face-to-face conferences or by telephone) with clients, clinical team and other agencies.  This position requires multiple contacts with various agencies to insure coordination of services.  The employee has excellent oral and communication skills and a pleasant business manner to work with these agencies and other divisions.  Employee must communicate effectively and work effectively with an interpreter.


7.    Physical Effort

Employee must be physically able to perform job related walking, standing, sitting, bending, minor lifting of supplies and driving a car.  Good manual dexterity is required to operate equipment, use instruments, etc.


8.    Work Environment and Conditions 

Employee works out of an office located at the Chatham County Public Health Department and out of employee’s home.  Work settings will vary; the conditions will be from pleasant business environments to community settings that may be less than desirable.  The employee must practice universal precautions at all times.   Work conditions may be mildly disagreeable if working in poor home environments or with difficult clients.  Employee may be exposed to bad weather conditions, hazardous driving conditions, night travel and hazardous social environments.


               9.   Machines, Tools, Instruments, Equipment and Materials Used

Medical and office equipment such as but not limited to:  blood pressure apparatus, stethoscope, scale, telephone, fax, copier, computer, printer, and automobile.


               10. Visual Attention, Mental Concentration and Manipulative Skills

All parts of work include some close visual activity from reading records, visual assessment of clients, and reading results of blood pressure; must be mentally alert.  Good memory skills as well as excellent listening and communication skills. Good manipulative skills required for use of equipment used to assess clients.


               11. Safety for Others 

Complies with health and safety standards to safeguard the well-being of all clients and co-workers according to state and local guidelines; Confidentiality of client information must be safeguarded.


12.   Dynamics of Work

It is necessary that employee possess the ability to grasp new concepts quickly.  Services provided are based on client needs; and therefore, require flexibility and adaptability.  Must be a versatile individual who will be involved in working with adults, co-workers and other professional providers.



A.     Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Must have knowledge of and skill in the application of nursing theory, practice, principles and techniques employed in the field of public health.  Must have a working knowledge of the available resources and organizations within the community.  Must have the ability to communicate effectively with clients, families, staff and other providers.  Must have the ability to exercise good judgment in stressful situations.   Employee will need knowledge of at basic computer skills.


        B.    Training and Experience                                                                     

               1.   Required Minimum Training

Graduation from an accredited school of professional nursing and one year of professional nursing experience.  Individuals employed in a local Health Department without a B.S. Degree which includes a Public Health Nursing rotation or a Master’s in Public Health, will be required to complete the “Introduction to Principles and Practices of Public Health Nursing” course within one year of employment as a condition of continued employment in accordance with Health Services Commission Rule.  Valid driver’s license.



        A current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in North Carolina by the N. C. Board of Nursing.


Qualified candidates apply at:  https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=8051017b-5cd0-4bd7-9972-7dc8ffcf752e&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055

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