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Public Health Department Job

PH Nurse III

Halifax, NC (Halifax County)

Posted 07/19/2021



                                                                                             Public Health Nurse III



Description:           This position will perform Sexually Transmitted Disease Enhanced Role Registered Nurse (STD ERRN)duties as well as backup staffing for the walk-in patients, health department clinic and on call forcommunity shelters. The STD ERRN duties will require use of the nursing process to performassessment, documentation, and critical thinking skills to follow standing orders to provide STDscreening andtreatmentforprotocol.


Requirements:       Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from a four-year college oruniversity with a B.S. in Nursing which includes a Public Health Nursing rotation and two years ofPublic Health Nursing experience; OR Master’s in Public Health and graduation from a school ofprofessional nursing and two years of professional nursing experience; OR graduation from a school ofprofessional nursing and three years of professional nursing experience including two years of PublicHealthnursingexperience.A currentlicensetopracticeasa RegisteredNurseinNorth Carolinaand

an appropriate driver’s license valid in the State of N.C. is also required. If not currently an STDenhanced-role RN in NC, the selected candidate will be required to attend and complete the PhysicalAssessments for Adults and STD Nurse Clinician courses. All health department employees (with theexception of individuals withan accommodation ormedicalexemption) arerequired to getanannualflu shotvaccine aspartofcondition of employment.


Compensation:The hiring range for this position is $ 46,533 - $ 75,541.Halifax County provides a comprehensiveemployeebenefitspackage,includingmembershipintheN.C.LocalGovernmentEmployees’RetirementSystem.



Requirements:        An official completed Halifax County Application for Employment (HR1107) and college transcriptsare required to fully evaluate your qualifications for this position. The completed application andsupplemental materials must be received by 5:00 p.m. on or before the closing date; postmarks will notbeaccepted.Allportionsontheapplication,astheyrelatetoyourbackground,mustbefullycompleted.Applications may not refer to a resume’ or other enclosed documents (i.e. “see resume” or “seeattached”), nor will these items be accepted in lieu of a completed application.We will be unable toconsiderincompletesubmissionsforthisposition.Unofficialtranscripts(e.g.studentcopies)areacceptable for application purposes.If selected for employment, official transcripts will be required. Acriminalbackgroundcheckwillbe required priorto hiring.

Closing Date:       Monday, August 16, 2021

Apply To:             HalifaxCountyHumanResourcesManagement

26 North King Street (next to the Historic Courthouse)PostOfficeBox 646

Halifax, North Carolina 27839-0646Telephone:(252) 583-1688


**Applicants That Do Not Meet the Full Qualification Requirements, May Be Offered a Trainee or Work/AgainstAppointment**(only forpositions that arework againsteligible)


Halifax County is a drug-free workplace. A pre-employment drug test will be required of this position with the results being received (negative)prior to the first day of employment.In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, we will employ only those individualswhoareU.S.citizens orlegalaliensauthorized tomaintainemployment intheUnitedStates.