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Public Health Director

Goldsboro, NC (Wayne County)

Posted 01/10/2020



County of Wayne Human Resources Department


134 NorthJohn Street                                                                          (919)705-6595

Goldsboro,NC  27534                                                               Fax      (919)731-1628


Employment Opportunity

Attention Applicants: All applicants must complete a PD-107 state application. Please include copies of college  transcripts with completed application. Applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Department in person at the above noted address, or by fax to 919-731-1628, or electronically by sending the online application form to Wayne.HrApplications@waynegov.com. Application forms are available in the Human Resources  Department  and online at www.waynegov.com. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of a completed employment application. All applicants will be contacted regarding the status of submitted applications. Criminal background checks will beperformed.


Position Title:            Public Health Director


SalaryGrade:           85         $82,796 - $129,134annually


Key Duties: This position serves as the Health Director and the Chief Executive Officer for Wayne County Health Department. This position is responsible for the overall operation of the Wayne County Health Department.

The Wayne County Department of Health is the County government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all citizens and providing essential public health services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The Wayne County Health Department is responsible for managing programs that cover a vast spectrum of activities that impact public health outcomes for citizens of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

Positions in this classification perform complex professional and administrative work planning, directing, supervising and coordinating public health programs and staff, preparing and administering agency budget, developing and managing policies and procedures, interpreting laws, policies and regulations, and related work as apparent or assigned. Work involves setting policies and goals under the direction of the Board of Health.

The Health Department’s public health services include prenatal care, women’s preventative health, birth and death registration, rabies control and containment, community health, WIC/nutrition services, immunizations, family care coordination, child health services, chronic disease monitoring, health education, environmental health, dental health, and pharmacy.

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities: Thorough knowledge of the theory, principles, and practices of general and preventive medicine, as related to public health administration. Considerable knowledge of public health laws, regulations, and policies, and ability to interpret them to others. Thorough knowledge of basic epidemiological concepts and financial management. Communication skills to accurately convey public health concepts to lay persons and professionals are essential.

Preference will be given to individuals who have a master’s degree as listed below and at least five (5) years of administration experience in health services and/or health programs.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:


·       A master's degree in public health administration and at least one year of employment experience in health programs or healthservices;

·       A master's degree in a public health discipline other than public health administration and at least three years of employment experience in health programs or healthservices;

·       A master's degree in public administration and at least two years of employmentexperience in health programs or healthservices;

·       A master’s degree in a field related to public health and at least three years ofemployment experience in health programs or healthservices;

·       A bachelor's degree in public health administration or public administration and at least three years employment experience in health programs or healthservice.


Note: Minimum training and experience requirements are in accordance with GS 130A-40 and GS 130A-

45.5. For master’s degree related to public health, the determination must be made by the State Health Director.

Posting Date:             Immediately                                                 

Closing Date:             February 14, 2020 5:00pm


The County of Wayne is an Equal Opportunity Employer Pre-Employment Drug Screen is required