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Public Health Educator I

Cumberland, NC (Cumberland County)

Posted 06/15/2022

Public Health Educator I

A. Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit:

The primary purpose of the Health Education Division isto provide a variety of complex health education programs and services that help individuals, families and their communities improve their behaviors in order to maximize and maintain healthy lifestyles.

The Health Education Division collects and analyzes data to identify the community’s health needs prior to planning, tailoring, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating health education programs designed to enhance healthy lifestyles, reinforce health policies, and improve environments. Health Education Division’s services could impact many of the agency and the community Public Health programs.

B. Primary Purpose of Position:

The Public Health Educator Iplans, implements and provides some administrative work for the Health Education Division,as well as health education services directly to the citizens of Cumberland County.

This position implements evidence-based programs, represents theCumberland County at community partnership meetings, and or health fairs or other community engagement activities including but not limited to educational visual exhibits, workshops, and displaying posters.

This position is in vital collecting health and community data to be used in planning public health and public health educational programs. This position also assists the Health Education Supervisor in collecting data for the Cumberland County Department of Public Health and will greatly impact the following data driven reports: Community Health Assessment (CHA), State of the County Health (SOTCH), Community Action Plans (CAP) for submission to the community, Board of Health and NC DHHS.

C. Work Schedule

The major job responsibilities inherent in this position are executed between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  However, the nature of the job periodically necessitates working after 5:00 pm and occasional weekends. 

D. Work Hours

The majority of work will be done within normal working hours, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, and will be 40 hours per week.

Employee is subject to be called up anytime to help the agency respond to a public health emergency which may include, but is not limited to, outbreak investigations, staffing mass dispensing or immunization clinics, providing disaster relief, or other incidents (man-made or natural and intentional or non-intentional) as they arise, or any public health response requested by the Health Director.

E. Change in Responsibilities or Organizational Relationship Since Last Reviewed

This position reports to the Heath Education Supervisor.


1 - Health Education program interventions: Planning, Preparation, Coordination, Implementation, Quality Assurance and Evaluation (70%)

  • Lead COVID-19 response related engagement in student and school health/public health efforts consistent with Health Education and Public Health Department responsibilities
  • Provide provision and support of other school health program activities that foster healthy students who are in school and ready to learn
  • Plan and/or prepare presentations with fidelity to curriculum or model or health education program topics as related to school health
  • Complete all required fidelity documentation, collect measurable results, analyze, and complete evaluation data to ensure achievement of the program objectives and goals, fidelity, quality and success of the evidence-based curricula program implementation.
  • Obtain pre and post tests for each evidence-based program implementation and collect data necessary for fidelity monitoring to include demographics of youth reached.
  • Identify potential school sites and extracurricular groups to receive evidence-based health promotion programs and conduct health education programs.
  • Maintain competency of essential standards on K-12 Healthful Living standards; to include:
    • Mental and Emotional Health,
    • Personal and Consumer Health,
    • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships,
    • Nutrition and Physical Activity, and
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • Facilitate school-based supplemental instruction for Healthy Youth Act standards.
  • Identify educational needs, initiate community problem-solving, design, recommend and implement health education and prevention strategies.
  • Complete training in selected evidence-based health promotion programming.
  • Assess educational methods, tools, and strategies for program implementation.
  • Collect current and projected health data, to include insights from school health nurses and/or school Healthful Living Facilitator, to be used in needs-based program development
  • Recruit and retain participants for prevention and health promotion programs using both CCDPH clinic other community partners for resources to recruit and retain participants.
  • Conduct health education programs for schools & youth serving community partners.
  • Train CCS partners in health education programs as appropriate.
  • Organize and coordinate training materials as appropriate.
  • Write and speak effectively; communicate ideas successfully to stimulate interest and cooperation among various groups when carrying out public health education programs.
  • Participates in community engagement activities related to school-aged youth
  • Cultivates awareness campaigns for youth-related health concerns
  • Serve as youth advocate for specialized youth populations; to include homeless youth, LGBTQIA, youth with IEP’s, Exceptional children, youth with medical action plans, etc.
  • Establish relationships with youth serving agencies to develop extracurricular youth initiatives
  • Serves Cumberland County Schools’ (CCS) mission to provide students with a program that is capable of enhancing the quality of life, raising the level of health, and favorably influencing the learning process.
  • Maintain awareness of CCSBoE Policy Code: 6140 for Student Wellness, as well as State Board of Education’s Healthy Active Children Policy SHLT-000.
  • Co-facilitate (with reproductive health specialist) annual TANF Out-of-Wedlock Birth Prevention Program Deliverables education/media campaign in collaboration with the CCHD Family Planning/Teen Wellness Clinic
  • Provide clinic linking to Teen Wellness Clinic and Child Health Clinic for public health school health nurses and CCS social workers
  • Assist Adolescent Parenting Program Coordinator with recruitment, empowerment sessions, and youth engagement events
  • Serve as lead on child dental health month programming
  • Collaborate with Health Promotions coordinator for schools-related Healthy Communities strategies

2 - Intradepartmental and Inter-agencies representation and public relations (15%):

  • Coordinate community health education program with Public Health Department’s treatment services.
  • Support other health education programs by promoting health education as an agency priority, integrating it with other programs and promoting and promoting cooperation and feedback.
  • Analyze national, state, and local data to communicate to community partners as requested.
  • Establish and maintains effective working relationships with departmental personnel.
  • Establish relationships, communicate ideas effectively both orally and in writing and strengthen existing relationships between the health department and the general public, and other health serving community organizations throughout Cumberland County.
  • Serve as a resource person to school nurses, health and physical education teachers, vocational education teachers and guidance counselors.
  • Represent the Department of Public Health as requested on coalitions, taskforces, and committees relating specifically to disease prevention and health promotion issues, including representation of CCHD at School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) meetings and other school-based partnerships
  • Assess plan and implement with local municipality assigned and provide community health education.
  • Act as a resource to and liaison for community health education programs.
  • Serve as guest speaker at CCS HOSA requests, CTE week, and any other school-based professional career fair event

Serve as Liaison at immunization & school physicals health fair for start of academic school year

3 - Community Health Assessment and Community Action Plan (10%):                                    

  • Analyze national, state, and local data; assist in the composition of the Community Health Assessment (CHA), State of the County Health (SOTCH), and Community Action Plans (CAP) for submission to the community, Board of Health and NC DHHS reports pertaining to the Health Education Division.
  • Conduct data collection for the Community Health Assessment (CHA), State of County Health Assessment (SOTCH), Community Action Plans (CAP), Board of Health and NC DHHS reports, and other qualitative and quantitative reporting pertaining to the Health Education Division for accreditation, strategic planning, and quality improvement.

4 - Other Duties (5%):

•    Conduct other related duties as needed by the community or as assigned by the Supervisor and the Health Director.

This job description in no way implies that the duties listed here are the only ones the employee can be required to perform. The employee is expected to perform other tasks as directed by supervisor.


1. Accuracy Required in Work:

Current and factual health education information must be maintained at all times. The employee is required to give factual information and appropriately assess the readiness of the community/business to respond.

2. Consequence of Error:

Presenting misinformation creates a liability for the agency and could be detrimental to consumers who use the information presented in determining their health care needs and preventive health practices.

3. Instructions Provided to Employee:

The Health Education Supervisor provides instructions regarding the mission, goals and objectives of the position and the program implementation fidelity and quality and the productivity.

4. Guides, Regulations, Policies and References Used by Employee:

Federal, state, local rules and guidelines governing health services and Agency policies and regulations are strictly followed at all times.

Cumberland County Department of Public Health Policies and Procedures

Health Education Policies and Procedures

Code of Ethics for the Health Education Profession

Communicable Disease Policies and Procedures

State and Local Laws, Rules governing Health Services

State Contract Addendum

Maternal Health Policies and Procedures

Family Planning Policies and Procedures

Communicable Diseases (STD) Clinic Policies & Procedures

Juvenile Detention Center Policies & Procedures

5. Supervision Received by Employee:

Employee receives direct programmatic supervision from the Health Education Supervisor.  Employee submits weekly program activity reports to Supervisor. Work is reviewed by the immediate supervisor as needed.  Meetings with the supervisor are held to obtain feedback.  Monthly staff meetings are held to exchange views and program progress. Supervisor conducts performance evaluations. 

6. Supervision provided and number of employees supervised: N/A

7. Variety and Purpose of Personal Contacts:

This position requires direct contact with person/s in the community, agencies, businesses, faith-based organizations, medical personnel, and health department staff in order to effectively develop and implement community health education programs as well as direct contact with the general public and specific target populations to provide evidence-based preventive health education programs and information.

Employee commits to contacts within the organization, community, businesses, and faith-based institutions, schools, law enforcement and medical personnel, to effectively develop and implement community health education programs.

8. Physical Effort:

Employee is required to occasionally lift, carry, and unload audiovisual equipment and supplies (TV/DVD), overhead and laptop, desktop projector, display boards, etc.). Employee must also possess ability to drive motor vehicle.

9. Work Environment and Conditions

Work will be performed within the walls of the Department of Public Health building facility; however, this position will be called to use personal vehicle to implement and attend offsite functions with community partners (schools, recreation centers, libraries, faith-based organizations, health care agencies, universities, etc.). Work areas (especially offsite) may be either too warm or too cool at times; however, there is little exposure to environmental toxins or to physical, verbal or emotional abuse.

10. Machines, Tools, Instruments, Equipment, and Materials Used:

All types of audiovisual equipment, calculator, computer, fax machines, etc.

Computer                        Calculator 

Printer                 Digital Camera          Laptop                      

Presentation Screen      Copier             TV/DVD

Fax                        Telephone                Desktop Projector

11. Visual Attention, Mental Concentration, and Manipulative Skills:

Information presented to target groups must be accurate and understandable.

Information and programs must be sensitive to the needs of the target population and presented in a manner that does not offend the community.

Accuracy is a must in compiling and analyzing health data, in program planning.

Proposal and report writing require intense mental concentration.

Visual attention is necessary when operating audiovisual machines, and other equipment.

Regardless of job title, professional affiliation, work setting, or population, the Health Educator will abide by the Code of Ethics in practicing the excellence in promoting Public Health Education program and services.

12. Safety for Others:

Employee must remain observant and aware of safety in various surroundings and must take precautions to ensure safety of the clients/community member with which he/she is working with to ensure safety.

13. Dynamics of Work:

Employee will establish partnerships/collaborations with other community-based organizations to accomplish program objectives. Employee must be flexible in adapting to unexpected changes and able to carry out scheduled events alone or with the assistance of staff members. Employee must become familiar with the community, be flexible and able to work with a variety of groups/people. Employee must be able to assess the needs of the community and plan strategies accordingly for accomplishing goals and program objectives. Travel throughout the county will be required, and occasional travel may be required outside of the county to attend trainings and meetings.


  • Thorough knowledge of assigned area of responsibility, the principles and practices of public health, community assessment, program development/planning/evaluation, and the methods and techniques of disseminating health information the public.
  • Experience and comfort implementing comprehensive, evidence-based health promotion topics including nutrition, chronic diseases, maternal and child health, unplanned pregnancy and STD/HIV prevention, health promotion and other health topics.
  • Experience engaging and working with diverse populations.
  • Experience in tailoring health education programs to target populations’ needs.
  • Strong communication skills. Must write and speak effectively and ability to present ideas effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Strong presentation, training, and facilitation skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with people of all educational levels
  • Proven problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledge of community resources in Cumberland County.
  • General knowledge of the functions of community health agencies.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental personnel, community organizations, and the general public.
  • Ability to coordinate program activities and to develop work schedules.

III. B.      1.     Required Minimum Training:

Graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in health education; or graduation from a four-year college or university and completion of one year of on-the-job training as a public health educator.

Management Preferences:

  • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

                 2.     Additional Experience:

Due to the need for all Health Department personnel to respond to emergency care within and outside of our agency, the employee must successfully complete a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course. CPR training must be renewed before the expiration of the certification or every two (2) years, whichever is less.

Required to possess and maintain a valid North Carolina driver’s license. Must use and maintain a personal vehicle to perform the duties associated with this job.

IV.  License or Certification Required by Statute or Regulation:


APPLICATION PROCESS:  Qualified applicants should complete an NC Alliance Application at http://www.ncapha.org/employment_center. (Please indicate this position on the application)