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Regional Epidemiologist

Cumberland, NC (Cumberland County)

Posted 09/27/2022

NCAPHA is actively recruiting for a Regional Epidemiologist placed at Cumberland County Health Department.
Regional Epidemiologist
The North Carolina Division of Public Health (DPH) received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a grant titled “CDC Crisis Response Cooperative Agreement: COVID-19 Public Health Workforce”. The grant provides funding to establish, expand, train, and sustain the state, tribal, local, or territorial (STLT) public health workforce to support jurisdictional COVID-19 prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery initiatives. As part of this initiative, DPH is making available funds for the 10 regions identified by the North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD) to recruit, hire, and train personnel to fill critical gaps in its Public Health Infrastructure Foundational Capabilities. This one (1) Full- Time Employee (FTE) position is responsible for advancing the overall efforts of Local Health Departments in Region 6 counties including Anson, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond and Scotland. This position supports one (1) Full-Time Employee, working a flexible hybrid in-person and virtual schedule that meets the needs of each county. There is physical workspace located in the Epidemiology Clinic of the Cumberland County Department of Public Health
An Epidemiologist plans, develops, and conducts epidemiologic investigations, surveillance, and interventions limited in scope and/or complexity to determine the causes of diseases and implement methods of disease control. Working with staff across Region 6, as well as external partners, this position will be responsible for effectively using epidemiological data to better understand community health issues, design initiatives to address them, and evaluate progress toward departmental goals. The purpose of the work is to gather data that describes the community’s health, provide data and information concerning service delivery, and propose practices or policies based on findings that will preserve or promote public health.
Essential Responsibilities:
1. Routinely develop reports on health factors, demographics, and community indicators utilized to develop the department and programmatic strategies.
• Serves as a source and supplier of public health data and information to the department and the community. Reports can include, but are not limited to, Community Health Assessment, Population Health Data, STD statistics.
• Performs epidemiological and statistical analyses on a variety of data, as requested, and prepares results for review.
2. Collaborate with local health department staff (Epidemiology staff, health education staff, public information staff, etc.) to disseminate the results of investigations, special studies, routine surveillance, and analyses of health outcome data. This may include preparing information for dissemination to elected officials, key stakeholder groups, healthcare providers, K-12 schools and colleges/universities, and the general public.
3. Assists with planning and conducting investigations of disease outbreaks and monitors the incidences of chronic illness conditions, disease risk factors, or other adverse health outcomes.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Individual must have experience with literature review, questionnaire design, data collection, data and information sources, and data analysis. Individual must be a critical thinker, highly motivated and able to
network effectively with representatives of diverse and multiple agencies. Must have the ability to multi-task and effectively communicate orally and in writing. Skill level must include working with computer software (databases such as Electronic Health Records, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, NCEDSS) the ability to design, develop, and adapt presentations on a variety of health topics targeted toward a diverse audience.
ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health or related life science field from an appropriately accredited institution and five years epidemiology experience required; A Master’s Degree in Epidemiology or Public Health, with a focus on Epidemiology or Biostatistics from an appropriately accredited college or university is preferred; At least two years of experience performing epidemiologic work, program management or work in a closely related field.
Qualified candidates apply at:  https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=8051017b-5cd0-4bd7-9972-7dc8ffcf752e&jobId=33312&lang=en_US&source=CC788055

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